10 Reasons You Should Definitely Invite Kids To Your Wedding

10 Reasons You Should Definitely Invite Kids To Your Wedding

By Kellee Khalil for Lover.ly

Having a kid-free wedding is becoming the norm among young couples who want to trim their guest list and avoid potential disasters. Sure, you can't predict what a toddler might do if left unattended near the dessert table or how they'll behave during your carefully planned ceremony, but can't the same thing be said for your drunk college buddies and some of your rowdy cousins? Before you cross your littlest friends and family members off your guest list, take a look at these photos of tiny guests completely stealing the show with their cuteness. Here are ten reasons you should definitely invite kids to your wedding.

1. Because they will act like a mini couple and it will be adorable.

2. Because they will totally adore everything you do just because you're the bride.

3. Because their fits are so often funny.

4. Because they look like this at the end of the night.

5. Because they liven up the dance floor.

6. Because unlike your bridesmaids, they'll wear crazy outfits.

7. Because you get to dress them up in what you secretly wish you could wear.

8. Because they look better in adult clothing than a lot of adults do.

9. Because they'll hold those adorable signs you made.

Photo by: Michelle March on Southern Weddings via Lover.ly

10. Because unlike your jaded friends, they still love weddings.

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