Read The Love Letter That Brought This Bride To Tears

"Tonight I have never been more confident in any decision that I have ever made."

So begins the love letter one man wrote to his bride-to-be on their wedding day, but it's his bride's reaction -- immortalized in a photo -- that will leave you speechless.

Redditor kgreene03 posted the beautiful photo and letter Friday with the caption "Letter to my wife on our wedding day."

Just in case you don't have time to read the whole thing (though you should), here's an excerpt:

I think it is normal for most people to have "cold feet" before they get married. I feel that it is completely understandable as marriage is such a life altering commitment. However, this is a feeling that I will never get to experience. As I am writing this letter, rather than being scared of what the future will hold or what could have been without you, I am sitting here completely content with how my life has played out.

Cue the tears.

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Love In One Photo