Wedding Movie: The Formula Behind Hollywood Wedding Films

Do you ever feel like all wedding flicks follow the same formula?

According to online news show Star Treatment, most Hollywood wedding movies do follow a single storyline -- that of the 1997 rom-com, "My Best Friend's Wedding."

In the classic film, the main character (played by Julia Roberts) realizes she's in love with her best friend (Dermot Mulroney), who is about to tie the knot with his new fiancee (Cameron Diaz). Shenanigans ensue as the jealous protagonist tries to win her best friend back while plotting to ruin the nuptials.

Sound familiar? That's because various movies, including "27 Dresses," "Made Of Honor" and "Kiss The Bride," have mirrored the exact same plot, according to Star Treatment.

Watch the video above to see how these wedding movies have been influenced by "My Best Friend's Wedding."