Wedding Officiant Halts Mid-Ceremony, Angrily Tells Photographers To Leave (VIDEO)

Despite the best-laid plans, plenty has been known to go wrong on a wedding day.

But this? This is altar-cation is an entirely different creature. No one could foresee a squabble between the wedding officiant and the wedding photographers -- particularly one long enough to disrupt the entire ceremony.

A video of the incident, uploaded to YouTube Monday and humorously titled "something would happen," opens much as any other ceremony would. Several seconds in, however, the officiant snaps after hearing one too many shutter clicks.

Turning from the bride and groom, the officiant addresses the photographer and videographer behind him with forced restraint: "Please. Sirs. Leave."

"Where do you want me to be?" asks a baffled cameraman, as the bride and groom exchange mortified glances.

"Anywhere other than here," the officiant states. After a brief pause, he continues the scolding: "This is a solemn assembly. Not a photography session. Please move. Or I will stop. I will stop this ceremony if you do not get out of the way. This is not about the photography. This is about God."

PetaPixel notes the misunderstanding could have easily been avoided with a little pre-ceremony communication between the minister and the photographers. Instead, we bear witness to awkward horror.

WATCH the video, below:

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