Wedding Photo Of Bride In A Wheelchair After Accident Will Inspire You

Redditor michzoozoo's wedding day was an especially emotional one because it almost didn't happen.

On Saturday, the bride posted a photo of herself in a wheelchair on her wedding day. She captioned it, "Despite an accident that happened about three months ago and almost took my life from me, last weekend I finally got married to my best friend."

Check out the beautiful bride on her Big Day in the photo below:

In the comments, she explained that she was taking her new horse out for a ride when he suddenly got spooked, reared up onto his hind legs and fell backwards on top of her. When she got to the hospital, she learned that she had dislocated and shattered her hip and if she moved ever-so-slightly in any direction, she could sever a major artery. Miraculously, she was kept still and avoided the potentially fatal injury.

"I now have ten plates and nine screws in my hip," michzoozoo wrote. "It's been a long and frustrating road but I finally start physical therapy to get movement back in that leg sometime in the next month! If anything, it added great memories to our wonderful wedding!"

The inspiring bride also gave thanks to her "wonderful" new husband for being there for her throughout her recovery.

"Not once has he left my side. He held out through my mood swings, changing my bed pans, helping me with sponge baths, getting me to and from the hospital, picking me up and moving me even though he has a bad shoulder/wrist, having sleepless nights because I have kept him up from this and that, not being able to leave or do what he wants because no one else could watch me, giving me a shot every day, changing my bandages for my stitching. He even stayed in the room and held my hand when they drilled a pole through my leg and he is terribly squeamish. He really is a god sent [sic] for me. I'm so thankful I married him."

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