Wedding Photography Trend: Photojournalistic Pictures (PHOTO)

We love posed wedding photos. They're timeless, classic and a good way to ensure everyone in the bridal party gets photographed.

But we also adore candid pictures; those incredible moments between newlyweds, caught unawares, that remind you what weddings are all about: love.

The Summer issue of New York Weddings (available now as a free download through iTunes) highlights an interesting new trend in wedding photography -- the rise of the "photojournalistic" style.

"Photojournalists offer a vérité alternative to traditional shooters," writes Mickey Rapkin in the New York Weddings piece. Indeed, photojournalists have captured some of the most evocative wedding pictures we've ever seen. Take a look at one example by Ron Antonelli from New York's feature below:

wedding photography trend

Said the bride, Tamra Sanford: “My husband and I were stepping into a vintage Rolls-Royce on our way to the reception. Ron somehow kept me in focus while shooting through the car window, capturing the feel of the meatpacking district in the reflection. I smile every time I look at this photo because I remember how excited I was, anticipating a fun-filled night.”

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