15 Times Wedding Photogs Captured Pure, Unadulterated Romance

The connection between these couples is palpable.

Experienced wedding photographers have spent countless hours with brides and grooms who are head-over-heels in love.

So when we asked a group of photogs to send us the most romantic wedding picture they've ever taken, we knew we'd recieve some truly remarkable shots. Below, 15 beautiful photos and the stories behind them.

"Jokingly, Laura told Josh she wanted to see a tear when she came down the aisle. Josh did not disappoint. He lost control of his emotions as Laura walked down the long aisle with her dad. He couldn’t wait for her to get to him, so he left the altar and met her halfway." - Thea Dodds
"I had the groom step out of the shot so that I could get some bridal portraits. But when I brought my camera away from my eye, I saw an even better photo. The groom was standing in awe of his bride, perfectly framed out by the waterfall. I switched to my wide-angle lens, stepped back a little bit and captured this." - Kristen Booth
"Rebecca and Ryan have known each other their entire lives. Both are in power wheelchairs due to cerebral palsy. For their first dance, they sat together on a hand-made loveseat while their best man and maid of honor twirled them around the dance floor. We could barely focus our cameras through the tears -- truly incredible." - Matt Theilen
"I was laying down in the street, trying to capture Angela and Diego's silhouettes while they took a quiet moment together. Without any prompting, the bride began to lean backwards while holding onto the groom's hands. It seemed like this moment of exhale, of letting go and trusting in Diego's grip. I think the image looks like a fairy tale." - Jonas Seaman
"I am hardly ever brought to tears at weddings, but these two made that happen. They have spent a long time making sure that all humans have the same basic rights, and it was beautiful to see them be able to marry the person they love most in the world. True love always wins." - Molly Gilholm
"The bride holding the microphone had just sang one of her bride's favorite songs. She had been able to keep it a surprise and gave a moving performance." - Maureen Cotton
"Saneliso and Martin are college sweethearts. On their wedding day, they were completely smitten with one another. Martin literally swept his beautiful bride right off her feet!" - Samantha Clarke
"In a land far, far away called the Blue Mountains of Australia -- in the presence of rain, mist and the solitude of nature -- Aubrey and Rad bonded their souls to one another." - Bobby Aazami
"I'm not a religious person, but something about Rachel and Isaac's wedding in Jerusalem completely got me. The holiness, gentleness and kindness they reflected upon each other and their loved ones made them shine all through the day." - Liron Erel
"I really love this image; It was captured while Adrienne and Khalil privately prayed together during their first look." - Elle Danielle
"The couple enjoyed a moment alone right after their ceremony, just taking it all in." - Dorothée Brand
"A great couple in love by the beach in Miami, Florida." - Jonathan Connolly
"Greg has loved Kait since the 9th grade. You can feel the quiet power of that love and their incredible connection in this image. To caption this photo: 'We've got this!'" - Tracey Buyce
"These two lovers enjoyed a beautiful sunset on their wedding day. The speeches they gave each other after dinner, under a Maui full moon, were so romantic that there wasn't a dry eye in the room." - Shawn-Marie Ravazzano
"Although this might look like a posed photograph taken in a studio, this was taken outdoors shortly after Tylor and Rachel's wedding ceremony. The two of them, their love, and some beautiful light is all we needed to make this simple yet stunning romantic photo." - Laura Zastrow

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