11 Times Wedding Photographers Were Thankful For The Job They Do

Gratitude all around 💞

All year round, we're grateful for talented wedding photographers who beautifully capture one of the most momentous days of a couple's life.

This Thanksgiving, we decided to turn the tables and ask a group of photogs for the one picture that makes them grateful to be doing the job that they do. Check out some of their most meaningful photos below:

"I'm so thankful to be a wedding photographer at this moment in history when same-sex couples are achieving the legal right to marriage. These weddings have been incredible!" - Jonas Seaman
"Photography has allowed us to see states, countries and continents that we had never imagined, meet people from all over the globe and experience life in a way that is beyond our understanding. We're thankful for every second that we get to do this job and every place it takes us -- especially New Zealand." - Tony Hoffer
"Traveling halfway across the country to celebrate the love of dear friends like these and doing so as my profession? There are few things in life that I'm more thankful for than that." - Laura Zastrow
"Alana and Hashim were elated to see each other for their first look before their wedding ceremony in St. Maarten. I felt honored to be the one chosen to capture such special memories for them. It's moments like these that make me truly thankful to be a wedding photographer." - Samantha Clarke
"This moment right here is a beautiful reminder to me to be thankful for what I do as a wedding photographer. This photo of the bride, all teary-eyed at seeing her future husband during the first look, showcases pure love, joy and admiration. Nothing can replace this moment. It is theirs forever." - Shhivika Chauhan
"We did this wedding for free as part of Wish Upon a Wedding. Kelly was diagnosed with several forms of cancer and has since passed on. Their wedding was the chance for their dreams to come true and I was so thankful I have a gift like photography to give them." - Cathie Berrey-Green
"The joy of capturing a couple's true love and expression on their wedding day is so rewarding. We live in a treacherous world, but my heart continues to warm every time I get the opportunity to be a part of someone's dare to love!" - Sam Jasper
"As a photographer, we're thankful that we get to capture so many precious memories for couples. This photo from Allison and Trevor's wedding represents that. Trevor was very close to his grandfather as he was growing up. Some of his favorite memories were panning for gold with him. So Allison had a custom ring made for Trevor from gold that his late Grandpop panned with his own two hands." - Kathleen Atkins
"I'm thankful that the camera gives me an opportunity to witness moments like this, when Heather's dad and brother saw her for the first time in her gown. It's truly a spectacular feeling to capture this kind of joy!" - Thea Dodds
"I'm thankful for this image because it holds so much meaning for Anna and Tom. Anna is an equestrian with a deep love for horses and her family owns a guest ranch. Tom is allergic to horses but did this shoot anyway because he loves Anna so much! I am also an equestrian, so personally, I was thankful for the moment that transpired between Anna,Tom and their horses." - Tracey Buyce
"I'm thankful for amazing couples like Keith and Jenna who put their trust in me to capture their wedding day. I consider it an honor to be part of their celebration. Just knowing their family and friends, as well as the bride and groom, will cherish the images for years to come brings me satisfaction." - Dustin Cantrell

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