Wedding Planner Extraordinaire: Régine Danielle Events

Regina Brooks has taken the Second City by storm with her company Régine Danielle Events, a full-service wedding planning and design firm serving clients in Chicago and worldwide.
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Regina Brooks has taken the Second City by storm with her company Régine Danielle Events, a full-service wedding planning and design firm serving clients in Chicago and worldwide. From elaborate floral decorations to customized ceremonies, Régine Danielle Events specializes in creating awe-inspiring weddings that embody the vision and elegance of the couple. Regina has a sophisticated eye and attention to detail with highly personalized service. Partnerships with premier vendors blend perfectly to create both a smooth planning process and the ultimate wedding day. It is no wonder she is quickly becoming the toast of the wedding planning industry. I spoke with Regina to discuss her company's growth and appeal.

For a young company, you have received numerous awards and accolades. What do you contribute to your "instant fame?"

In 2013, we were voted "Chicago's Best New Wedding Planner" by Wedding Industry Expert Awards. Recently, we were selected as one of Chicago's "Best Wedding Planners" by We were also awarded Reverie Gallery's "Readers' Choice Award." Our growth and fame is from client and vendor recommendations. I love what I do and it shows. The clients appreciate that investment in making their dream day special.

How did it all start?

After graduating law school and moving to Chicago in 2005, I was living on my own and finally had the perfect space to host events. After my housewarming party, family and friends asked me to plan holiday and birthday parties. I quickly became known for my attention to detail, elaborate centerpieces, and unique décor. As friends became engaged, one insisted that I help plan her wedding. The spark was immediate. I thrived on offering sound advice and handling stressful tasks that allowed the bride to keep her focus on her career and life. Seeing how valuable my help was to her was all the motivation I needed to follow my dream!


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Most people do not think that they need a wedding planner.

A wedding is a celebration of love. It's also a production with wardrobe, set, cast and characters. A production needs a producer who knows how to manage vendors and has contacts and experience in the industry. The wedding is the big moment. You need someone that is not emotionally involved that can dedicate the 400 hours needed to produce a wedding. On a daily basis, I receive many emails and phone calls from vendors (venue, florists, photographer, band). My job is to handle the communications and manage the stress so that the bride does not have to deal with it. My biggest selling point is providing a stress free experience. My couples are working professionals, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. They hire me to handle the stress of their wedding because they don't have the time to take away from their professional jobs to manage a wedding.

What are three tips you would suggest to any bride?

Tip 1: Hire an experienced wedding planner. Your wedding is your special day. It is the not the time to experiment with someone that doesn't know the industry. My job is to help brides create their dream wedding by providing the best team to create their vision and oversee the day so it goes off without a hitch.

Tip 2: Find supportive friends and family that understand that this is your day, not about them. Often, couples make decisions to make others happy, but your support system will encourage you to follow your vision for your wedding.

Tip 3: Go into the planning process with an open mind. An experienced team of creative partners can turn the inspiration you get from other weddings and make it uniquely your love story if you give them room to do so.


Photo Credit: Amy Aiello Photography

You are located in Chicago. Do you plan events outside Chicago?

Definitely. We have vendor relationships worldwide and are always looking for the next romantic destination to plan a fabulous wedding! Régine Danielle Events offers flexibility to coordinate your wedding in any city or destination you choose.

What's the best advice you would give a prospective bride or client seeking event planning service?

Pick a wedding planner that you trust and can see as a close friend. You and your wedding planner will spend many hours together and on the phone planning your wedding. Pick someone you enjoy being around and that you trust!


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