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Wedding Proposals Gone Wrong (VIDEO)

It's summer, the time for weddings! A few of my friends are getting married this summer and fall, so lately I've been thinking about this time-honored tradition. However, it wasn't until I ran across this compilation on Buzzfeed that I realized the plan does not always go perfectly, the ending is not always happy. So, for those of you thinking about popping the big question, I urge you to check out the videos below, which chronicle the terrible moments when that huge decision you've made turns out to be poorly planned or the wrong decision entirely. Make sure you don't up like these poor souls.

WATCH: (more videos here.)

Man proposes on live TV and does not receive the response he's looking for.
This is not the player's fault; this reporter is just an idiot.
This one had such potential! Alas.
The silence at the end of this is almost too painful.
I don't want to totally bring you down, so let's end on one that's just a huge success.