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And She Walked Down the Aisle in Comfort and Said, "I Do"

June starts the beginning of wedding season and all brides and bridesmaids want to walk down the aisle gracefully and hopefully in comfort. A bride has enough to worry about during her wedding without having to worry about her feet.
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June starts the beginning of wedding season and all brides and bridesmaids want to walk down the aisle gracefully and hopefully in comfort. A bride has enough to worry about during her wedding without having to worry about her feet that day. No matter what designer she chooses to wear -- Sergio Rossi, Badgley Mischka, Joan and David, Manolo Blahnick, Jimmy Choo, Charles David, Enzo Angiolini -- or style -- slingback pumps, open- or closed-toe pumps or platforms or wedge and platform sandals -- she chooses to wear on her wedding day, being able to walk in those shoes without pain and confident is a bride's dream. Trying to find the shoe that is not only comfortable but the right heel height and style -- and that matches her wedding dress -- can be a daunting task for any bride or bridesmaid. Shoes are designed to look good, not to feel good!

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There are lumps and bumps on feet that have to be accommodated for regardless of what shoe style is worn. "Feet come in different sizes, shapes and arch heights; wedding shoes come in different sizes, styles and heel heights." Unfortunately they are not always designed for all the differently shaped feet in the world. The reasons why a bride would want to take her shoes off as soon as the party starts is sore feet and legs because her shoes are uncomfortable and she probably experiences arch cramps, ball of the foot pain or pain in the great toe joint. If the shoe has an acute pitch because she is wearing 4-inch to 6-inch heels, the foot will be thrown forward placing unnecessary pressure on the arch, ball of the foot and great toe joint. It can also cause calf pain, muscle fatigue and low back pain. If the toe box of the wedding shoe is not deep enough, the tops of the toes can get irritated and form blisters from the friction. If the toe box is too narrow it can pinch the toes and create toe cramping.

Floor surfaces can also present problems for brides and their bridesmaids depending on where the event is taking place. Whether the wedding is in a grand ballroom or at a favorite destination place, walking or standing all day on grass, sandy beaches, marble, carpet or a stone pathways can create challenges. Trying to negotiate the footing and staying balanced could be a difficult task depending on the shoe design. Standing on hard unyielding floor surfaces for long periods time such as marble, carpeted floors and stone pathways can fatigue the muscles in the feet and legs. Therefore it should not be a surprise why a bride is exhausted at the end of the day.

Wedding shoe tips for brides and bridesmaids:

"Always try and buy the most comfortable pair of wedding shoes available and then wear them at home to break the shoes in."

So, how do brides and their bridesmaids keep their wedding shoes on their feet the entire day and night? One way is to place arch supports in their shoes. The arch supports will fill in the arch area of the shoe and will prevent the foot from cramping, slipping or sliding. They will also help balance the foot in the shoe and minimize fatigue. If closed-toed shoes are the shoe of choice that day, place a soft innersole in the shoe along with an arch support product and that will help make the shoe more comfortable and supportive. Arch supports are a great way to create both comfort and support in shoes. No matter what style or heel height a bride and her bridesmaids wear they want their feet to be comfortable the whole day. For calf tightness during that day, try to do calf stretches at some point before the wedding starts to relax the calf muscles in the lower leg. It only takes a few minutes and could pay dividends later that evening.

Another way to keep your feet from screaming all night is to have a lower pair of heels available to change into later in the evening. It is not a good idea to take your shoes off during the party and dance barefoot no matter how good you feel; getting stepped on can cause many types of foot problems and could put a damper on the honeymoon.

Whatever season the wedding is in -- winter, spring, summer or fall -- brides that wear wedding shoes that have an arch support will able to walk down the aisle gracefully and in comfort.