Wedding Singer Makes Interesting Big Day Fashion Statement

We get it -- nobody likes wearing a full suit at a summer wedding. Especially if that wedding happens to coincide with hotter-than-average temperatures.

That's why one wedding singer decided to take matters into his own hands on Saturday and slip into something a little more comfortable for the reception. On Wednesday, Reddit user flipwhispers posted a photo from her friend's wedding in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the caption "Lead singer of a wedding band goes all out for formal events." Please take note of the Hand Cream frontman's jorts-tastic ensemble:


But what did the guests have to say about his, um, casual fashion statement?

"It was a hipster/artsy formal [affair] with lots of vintage and unique looks!" flipwhisper told the Huffington Post. "The only ones reacting to this were the 'normal' guests who were outnumbered!"

Two words for this guy: Rock on.

Click through the slideshow below for 11 outfits (illustrated with stock photos) that you won't believe somebody actually wore to a wedding.

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