Wedding Social Media: Should Couples Create Custom Hashtags For Their Big Day?

Fiancee with mobile telephone in hands
Fiancee with mobile telephone in hands

In an era when social media has begun to consume more and more of our time, it's no surprise that today's brides and grooms are incorporating popular social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram into their Big Days.

One recent trend to hit the weddings scene is the creation of custom hashtags for the couple's Big Day (i.e.: #AnistonTherouxWedding), which makes it easy for the bride and groom to pull together all of the photos tweeted or Instagrammed by their guests.

Not everyone is keen on this new trend, though. On Tuesday, Cosmopolitan blogger (and former HuffPost writer) Natasha Burton wrote about not wanting "to be that girl who clogs everyone's FB News Feed with a bajillion pics of her wedding for the entire month after she gets married." Plus, she noted, that posting your wedding photos online allows people outside of your circle of friends and family (think ex-boyfriends and girlfriends) to see, email and even download the pictures to their computers.

But wedding etiquette expert and HuffPost Weddings blogger Xochitl Gonzalez says that she is actually a big fan of the trend.

"I love it and we've had clients do it -- it's so fabulous," she told the Huffington Post in an email. "It's especially great on Instagram so you can see all the 'behind the scenes' moments!"

On Wednesday, we took to Twitter to ask our followers what they thought of the custom hashtag trend. They came back with mixed responses, ranging from a resounding "LOVE!" to a definitive "#no." Click through the slideshow below to see what else they had to say.

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