Couple Ties Knot In Unusual Venue After Groom Falls Sick Before Service

It's a day they'll never forget.

An ambulance was the highly unusual setting for a wedding in Spain after the groom started feeling faint shortly before he was supposed to tie the knot.

The 50-year-old, who has a history of high blood pressure, began feeling dizzy and sick on Saturday afternoon outside the municipal building in Madrid's Carabanchel neighborhood in which he was soon due to be saying his vows.

Paramedics arrived on the scene after family and friends called for medical help, the EFE news agency reports.

With 10 other civil services scheduled to take place at the same venue, councilwoman Esther Gomez delayed the couple's 1:20 p.m. ceremony in the hope the groom's condition would improve.

But it didn’t. And at 2:30 p.m. the paramedics insisted he be taken to the hospital for treatment. Instead of postponing the wedding for a future date, the groom requested to go ahead with it inside the medical vehicle.

"I told him that they could get married another day, but he insisted," Gomez told El Pais newspaper. "The truth is that the paramedics told me that it wasn't a serious case and the transfer to the hospital could be delayed for a few minutes."

Gomez conducted an abridged version of the ceremony and declared the couple to be husband and wife. As the bride exited the ambulance, guests showered her in wedding rice and shouted out "long live the newlyweds," per The Local.

Madrid's Emergency Services posted two photographs to Twitter, with one showing the bride outside the ambulance and the other featuring the groom signing the marriage paperwork while lying on a gurney.

The groom was transferred to Gomez Ulla Hospital. His current condition is not known, but paramedics had previously said it was "not a serious case."

One of the paramedics attending the incident said it was the first time he'd seen someone get married inside an ambulance in his 20-year career.

Gomez later tweeted that "the emergency services of Madrid are always needed, in sickness or in health."