Learn What NOT To Do From These Epic Wedding Speech Fails

Giving the perfect wedding speech is like trying to eat just one potato chip: it's nearly impossible. But some people are definitely worse at toasting the bride and groom than others. And by worse, we mean Youtube-worthy horrendous.

Need proof? Watch the epic wedding speech fails below, which masterfully illustrate what not to do when giving the big speech on the Big Day. Please folks, do not let their failures be in vain.

Don't sit next to someone who may or may not vomit during your speech.

We're pretty sure she didn't just have food poisoning.

Secure all items of clothing before taking the stage.

Belts do exist, you know.

Don't steal the spotlight by face-planting onto the floor.

Need we remind you that this is not your day?

Don’t compare the bride to a dependable Ford and then talk about the groom actually wanting to drive a Ferrari.

Even as a joke. Because we all know, you're not really kidding.

Don’t perform a strip tease during your speech, because it will definitely end up on Youtube.

Remember, the Internet is forever.

Don't make the bride and groom (and everyone else in the room -- and on the Internet) feel really, really uncomfortable.

To all the future wedding goers out there (read: everyone), don't let these poor Internet sensations suffer for nothing. Learn from them -- come prepared, speak from the heart and understand boundaries. That’s all there is to it!

Now, check out more wedding fails below.

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