15 Wedding Theme Predictions for 2017

2017 is near and if you’re planning to have your wedding, you probably want to know what’s in for the year to come. When the 2016 wedding year saw a ton of pastel and rustic feels, the next year may or may not carry on with these trends.

To help you plan your perfect day, we asked different wedding planners what trends will make a perfect 2017 wedding and here are their predictions:

Prediction: Year of the Destination Wedding

“More and more, we've seen couples searching for a way to not only extend their wedding celebrations, but provide their guest with a unique adventures. Couples are more interested in experiences and creating an experience for their guests versus traditional wedding ceremonies and receptions.”

Candice Coppola, owner of Jubilee Events: Caribbean

Prediction: Bows

“In bridal fashion, bows and it goes without say that I LOVE it!! You saw a lot of bows on the runway this October and I am excited to see some of the gorgeous dresses on real brides.“

Rebecca Shenkman | Principal Bowtier | Pink Bowtie Events

<a href="https://flic.kr/p/fMLR8Y" target="_blank">Got a new bowtie!</a> By TheGiantVermin via Flickr
Got a new bowtie! By TheGiantVermin via Flickr

Prediction: Romantic and Intimate Tented Weddings

“We are getting requests for romantic, garden style parties that feel personal and intimate. People want their weddings to feel like fun dinner parties. This sets the tone for which type of venue the couple chooses, with tented weddings being most popular. We find our couples are also drawn to unique estates and mansions, as well as private homes because they have a more personalized feel. Guests dine in one room and enjoy cocktails and dancing in another space, which helps make the evening feel more like an elegant dinner party.”

Elizabeth Basile & Diana Chouinard | Lead Event Planner & Designer | Jubilee Events

<a href="https://flic.kr/p/ojRw6a" target="_blank">Wedding with Vietnamese lanterns</a> by David Higgs via Flickr
Wedding with Vietnamese lanterns by David Higgs via Flickr

Prediction: Lots of Greenery

“Brides are still loving the loose, organic bouquets and incorporating a lot of greenery in their centerpiece arrangements. They aren’t shying away from color either. Having a neutral palette with pops of color are making each wedding truly unique!”

Kelsey Smith | Owner + Creative Director | Kelsey Rae Designs

<a href="https://flic.kr/p/AU89aS" target="_blank">Wales Green Energy Awards</a> by RenewableUK Cymru via Flickr
Wales Green Energy Awards by RenewableUK Cymru via Flickr

Prediction: Go European

“Many clients are having what in America is referred to as an European style wedding. All this really means is that couples don't want to distract from the good menu they have carefully curated, nor the wine they have selected for dinner. After the cocktail hour, dinner is the main focus for two hours or less, with wine pairings, even maybe a Sommelier will talk, and then after dinner is completed is when all other formalities take place such as the first dance, parent dances and also the speeches, in addition to the dancing. Having a reception where there is a lot of getting up and then sitting back down again is not what is preferred and with this style, they have one long chunk of dancing which is preferred.”

Ashley Douglass | Owner Creative Director | Ashley Douglass Events | planning + design

Prediction: BOHO Chic

“BOHO Chic is going to be epic in 2017. Eclectic, beautiful and romantic BOHO is a perfect way for couples to express their true artistic style at their wedding. A little hippie, a little gypsy and super fun; this style is sure to please so many couples. BOHO is easy, simple and very DIY, which couples love. It is a great theme for couples to put their own stamp on it. Effortless hair and makeup are key in the BOHO style, braids, long waves and of course a flower wreath or headband completes the look. We think a lot of couples will choose BOHO because it is a perfect combination of vintage, rustic, whimsical and eclectic - BOHO sure to be the theme for 2017.”

Heidi Benyi | Senior Bridal Consultant | Always and Forever, LLC

Prediction: Hashtag

“...photo booths, bigger and better with technology playing a huge role with the world of social media and hashtag. I believe every one of my couples this past season has had a hashtag connected to their big day.

Debra Thompson | Professional Weddings & Events Consultant | Weddings by Debra Thompson LLC

Prediction: Personalized weddings

“When it comes to the trending wedding theme for 2017, I am noticing a desire to personalize the wedding and I mean every aspect. My clients are truly allowing us to plan and design an event that speaks to their personalities and sense of style. Many are "throwing away" the traditional must Have moments, and or expectations, and really thinking outside the box to create not just a wedding but an Experience! From beginning to end they are seeking personal touches that will allow their guests to walk away having celebrated the couple and who they truly are.”

Lisa Antonecchia| Owner | Creative Concepts by Lisa, LLC

Photo from <a href="https://www.weddingfavy.com/products/personalized-chocolate-bar-wrappers" target="_blank">WeddingFavy</a>
Photo from WeddingFavy

Prediction: Floral Hair Accents

“I think one of the big trends for 2017 will be floral accents within the hair. It adds such a lovely detail to the look and the flowers can be specific to the bride's taste.”

Mayuri Parikh | Owner | Mayuri's Floral Design

Prediction: Mix of modern, industrial, and rustic styles

“Couples want to host their weddings in these beautiful non-traditional spaces like barns and industrial buildings/warehouses and incorporate clean and modern elements into the design. Farm tables in various styles with metal chairs for dining and lots of metal elements for tabletop decor (copper, rose gold, bronze, etc.) seem to be very trendy. It gives a mix of that city look with some country farm elements while keeping an organic vibe. Lots of white mixed with bright colors and various textures in the linen and floral selections.”

Angela Christoforo | Owner/ Wedding Planner/ Designer | Elite Wedding and Event Planning

Prediction: Creative Guestbooks

"A continued trend that I'm looking forward to are creative guestbooks! Be it the letter of the couples last name, or a map of where they first met"

Renae Strozier | Wedding Planner | Beauty & the Details

Prediction: Industrial Chic Weddings

“I'm thinking we will see more "industrial chic" weddings.... Lots of white with greenery along with metallic tones. More non-traditional industrial venues will pop up. There will be more jewel tones/designs with depth and less rustics with the soft tones.”

Bianca Hendricks | Wedding Planner | RSVP by B Wedding Coordination

<a href="https://flic.kr/p/f6BM3M" target="_blank">Freshly Married</a> by Brian Wolfe via Flickr
Freshly Married by Brian Wolfe via Flickr

Prediction: Go DIY

“Since the advent of Pinterest, DIY projects have become a staple in wedding planning. Each couple trying to make their wedding more unique than the last.

  • Online printing services with hundreds of customizable templates which even offer a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Co-op woodshops in the city where you can work on DIY carpentry or similar projects without taking up space in your home.
  • Brewing companies which you can brew your beer with them and they will bottle it for you, you can just go back to an online printing service and create personal labels for them.
  • Companies who can create a caricature cake topper depicting you and your partner or something similar.
  • Etsy for nearly endless niche items a couple may want as well as personalized signs to describe each unique part of the day to their guests.

Their DIY projects are focusing on reminding guests who they are and reflecting their interests and lives in order to ensure their wedding doesn't become 'just another wedding' in their guests minds. If you make a beer to be served, why not design personalized labels for them. If you are going to personalize the menu why not have a card at each place setting describing to your guests why you made these choices, etc.”

Cathy | Owner | Cathys Elegant Events

Photo from <a href="http://sweetlychicevents.com/diy-champagne-favor/" target="_blank">Sweetly Chic Events</a>
Photo from Sweetly Chic Events

Prediction: Metallics

“Metallics will definitely be the rage for 2017 weddings. Either with subtle hints of it incorporated with a color palette of choice or paired nicely overall with standalone white for that extra pop! “

Adina Franconi | Owner & Wedding Planner | Hoopla! Events

By <a href="http://michellelindsayphotography.com/" target="_blank">Michelle Lindsay Photography</a> via <a href="http://www.

Prediction: New Materials

“I expect to see more appearances from marble, leather, acrylic and slate as design elements. These materials are being used in fresh and unexpected ways from escort cards to runners to chargers.”

Bethany Pickard | Owner | Modern Kicks

<a href="https://flic.kr/p/7YHmqy" target="_blank">Beach Wedding Travelogue Sketchbook</a> by Amy via Flickr

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