Wedding Trailblazers: Del Sol Photography's 'Adam And Eve' Shoots Show Sexier Side Of Couples (PHOTOS)

Maybe don't show these to mom and dad.

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What's the best thing for two hot-and-heavy newlyweds to do post-wedding? Get naked and do a photo shoot, naturally.

That's the idea behind "Adam and Eve" photo shoots, a new offering from wedding photographer Matt Adcock and his team at Del Sol Photography. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the "cenotes," or underground rivers, in the caves of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, couples slip out of their clothes and into the water for the ultimate romantic (and sexy) photo shoot.

We spoke with Adcock about the inspiration behind the photos, how to capture the perfect couple shot and how he gets his clients to look so graceful underwater.

What was the inspiration for the Adam and Eve sessions?

The inspiration was brides swimming underwater. We started with the “Trash the Dress” genre [and then] it sort of grew by accident that brides would finish the shoot in the water and/or take their clothes off.

Why do couples want to do "Adam and Eve" shoots? What do they do with the finished photos?

They’re very open with their sexuality. They’re not afraid of their bodies and they think nudity is a magical thing and they really like to be expressive. It’s a form of expression to be able to show nudity and combine it with love and art. I’ve had clients order huge wall prints, and we’ve had clients that are happy to share it on Facebook.

How do the shoots work –- what’s it like shooting underwater?

None of our brides or grooms are models, and that’s the most challenging issue. None of them know how to hold their bodies or move their arms or face. We’re constantly directing these people: “OK, open your eyes” and “Don’t do that” and “OK, you’re covering your arm” and “Oops, wardrobe malfunction, pull up the dress.” [That’s] coupled with water temperatures that are 62, 65 degrees -- it’s cold. So it’s challenging to get what we want without, I don’t want to say killing them, but we are pushing them to their limits. And there is a current in these underground rivers, so these brides are fighting against the current. We mostly work in the safe places where you can stand, but we have a rescue swimmer at every shoot. A lot of times we’re having to throw our cameras down and save the bride because her crinoline’s wrapped around her legs.

What’s the secret to taking an amazing couple photo?

Building a rapport before, during and after [the shoot] makes the connection, and there’s a click. And I can’t explain that click. The rapport is built so well that that’s one of our biggest secrets. All these things come together and by the end they’re just ear-to-ear smiling. And we treat them well. We pick them up, drop them off, we have fresh fruit, we have junk food, beer, and sometimes we bring tequila. The water’s cold, so when we get out, we’re like, “Do you want a shot of tequila?” and they’re like, “Hell, yeah.” We have fun with them, and that’s the biggest secret.

Click through the slideshow below to see some SFW Adam and Eve photos. To see all the photos (including some that are NSFW), click here, here, here and here.

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Adam And Eve Photos

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