Wednesday's Morning Email: 6.2 Earthquake Devastates Central Italy

At least 38 are dead.


DOZENS DEAD AFTER 6.2 EARTHQUAKE IN CENTRAL ITALY At least 38 have died, and rescuers are digging through the rubble to find more survivors. Here’s a timeline of the major earthquakes that have hit Italy. [Reuters]

TURKEY BEGINS MAJOR OFFENSIVE INTO SYRIA TO FIGHT ISIS Turkey mounted on Wednesday its largest military effort yet in the Syrian conflict, sending tanks, warplanes and special operations forces over the border in a United States-backed drive to capture an Islamic State stronghold in Syria.” [NYT]

LOCALLY-TRANSMITTED ZIKA SPREADS PAST MIAMI Officials found a case in Pinellas County, Florida, which is 265 miles away from Miami. And take a look at the infant brain scans of those infected with Zika, which show the catastrophic damage of the virus. [Reuters]

THE ANTARCTIC SHELF IS ABOUT TO LOSE A RATHER LARGE CHUNK OF ICE One that’s about the size of Delaware. [Chris D’Angelo, HuffPost]

THE DARK SIDE OF THE TROUBLED-TEEN INDUSTRY “Pay $10,000 a month. Enter with behavioral problems. Exit with PTSD. Welcome to the billion dollar troubled-teen industry, an industry with little oversight.” [Sebastian Murdock, HuffPost]

‘PREGNANT AND AFRAID INSIDE GERMANY’S LARGEST REFUGEE CAMP’ “I’ve been thinking, what am I going to do when I give birth? Who’s going to stay with the kids? Who’s going to go with me to the hospital? I always had my family come with me when I gave birth in Iraq.” [Sonia Narang, HuffPost]

THERE HAS BEEN A DROP OF 1 MILLION VISITORS To Paris this year after terrorist attacks and floods. [BBC]

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APPARENTLY MOVIE EXECS THINK J LAW IS AS AWESOME AS WE DO As she topped Forbes’ top paid actresses list with $46 million this year. [HuffPost]

WHEN KATE SPADE ISN’T THE ORIGINAL KATE SPADE “First, the handbag and shoe designer known as Kate Spade was Katherine Noel Brosnahan. Later Kate Spade the company arrived on the scene. Then Ms. Brosnahan, her actual legal name, sold her company to Liz Claiborne Inc., which re-christened itself Kate Spade & Co. in 2014 (Liz Claiborne was a real person, too, although she died in 2007).” [WSJ | Paywall]

HOW TO FIGURE OUT WHAT FACEBOOK THINKS YOUR POLITICAL BELIEFS ARE It’s all so they can better target you for ads. [NYT]

WHY MILLENNIALS ARE TO BLAME FOR THE DISAPPEARANCE OF VACATION DAYS Understanding a culture of “work martyrdom.” [Travel + Leisure]

SO MUCH FOR THE TURKEY DROP Turns out there is a spike in divorces in March and August. [The Atlantic]

THIS TEENAGER SURVIVED A BRAIN-EATING AMOEBA THAT KILLS 97 PERCENT OF PEOPLE Thanks in part to a training sponsored by parents of another child who had died of the deadly infection. [WaPo]

THE WASTELAND OF SNAPCHAT POST BREAK-UP An age of “digital cutting.” [Fusion]


TAMPONS FOR THE HOMELESS “One organization is helping to alleviate the high cost of menstruation for homeless women. Volunteers for nonprofit Happy Period hand out feminine hygiene products to homeless women in shelters and on the street.” [HuffPost

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