Wednesday's Morning Email: Breaking Down Trump's Address To Congress

Everything you need to know about the address last night.


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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S ADDRESS TO A JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS Trump talked health care, paid family leave and an infrastructure overhaul, and he condemned the shooting of Indian engineers in Kansas and the wave of anti-Semitic threats. The largest applause of the night was reserved for the widow of the Navy SEAL who died in the controversial Yemen raid. Here’s why many of the Democratic women were wearing white. And check out the top photos of the night. [HuffPost]

BUT THE BEST PART OF THE NIGHT Might have been watching Supreme Court Justices watch Trump. Or that this Cabinet Secretary was wearing luxe slippers. [HuffPost]

MORNING AFTER HEADLINERS HuffPost led with “Speaker’s Pet.” The New York Times said “Trump Softens Tone In Outlining Goals.” The Wall Street Journal had “Trump Speech To Congress Marks A Shift In Tone.” CNN led with “Trump Shows A New Side, Tone.” And The Drudge Report wrote: “Trump Rocks The House.” [HuffPost]

BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA TO BE PAID HANDSOMELY FOR PAIR OF POST-PRESIDENCY BOOKS To the record-breaking tune of $60 million or so. [HuffPost]

THE UBER CEO’S WEEK WENT FROM BAD TO WORSE When this video of him chewing out an Uber driver surfaced. [HuffPost]



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WHERE HOSPITAL SUPERBUGS ARE HIDING And how these researchers found them. [HuffPost]

DON’T SELL YOUR COACHELLA TICKETS YET Lady Gaga has stepped in to headline after Beyoncé bowed out due to her pregnancy. [Billboard]

SERENA WILLIAMS STOPPED BY A RANDOM TENNIS COURT AND PLAYED THE GUYS ON IT Life lesson: Figure out where Serena Williams will be and post up at tennis courts nearby in the hopes this happens again. [HuffPost]

PREPARE YOURSELVES As Ryan Murphy’s “Feud” season 2 will focus on the battles between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Nothing will top this. Now onto dream casting... [HuffPost]

COLON AND RECTAL CANCER RATES RISING AMONG THE YOUNG “Millennials have double the risk of colon cancer and quadruple the risk of rectal cancer compared with baby boomers, raising serious questions about whether differences in lifestyle or some yet unidentified factor could explain what researchers called a ‘curious’ increase.” [HuffPost]


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