Wednesday's Morning Email: Conservatives Aren't Loving The Proposed GOP Obamacare Reform

D.C. isn't falling in love with "Ryancare."


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THE GOP OBAMACARE REPEAL PLAN IS FACING OPPOSITION FROM THE LEFT AND RIGHT Some conservatives have labeled the plan “Obamacare 2.0” over at Breitbart, and the Republican Study Committee called it “Republican welfare.” The health care industry didn’t exactly pile on in support either. Early estimates indicate up to 10 million people could lose their health care. And President Donald Trump warned House Republicans that if they couldn’t repeal and replace Obamacare, they’d be looking at a “bloodbath” in 2018. [HuffPost]

INSIDE THE SHEER HACKING POWER OF THE CIA Wikileaks released a trove of documents that lay out how the CIA allegedly hacks devices around the globe, from Samsung TVs to iPhones, and is able to use them to surveil targets. The batch of 8,700 documents also included a full debriefing on kaomoji. And here’s how vulnerable you are to hackers. [HuffPost]

THAT TIME DONALD TRUMP MET THE RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak while he was a candidate last summer ― despite denials by a White House spokeswoman last week that Trump had not met with any Russian officials. [HuffPost]

CELEBRATING INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY President Trump’s tweet commemorating the day didn’t go over so well. Here’s why there’s a statue of a young girl standing in front of Wall Street’s charging bull today. The Google Doodles celebrating International Women’s Day are worth a look. Dozens of schools are set to shut down as women go on strike for the “Day Without Women.” Take a look at where “Day Without Women” rallies are being held in your area. And check back for HuffPost coverage throughout the day. [HuffPost]

SON OF ASSASSINATED KIM JONG NAM APPEARS IN ONLINE VIDEO Kim Han Sol appeared to say he, his mother and sister were safe and in hiding following the assassination of his father in Malaysia last month. A statement accompanying the video stated the Netherlands, China, the U.S. and an unnamed fourth country helped with his protection. All the while, North Korea is threatening “actual war” if war exercises between the U.S. and South Korea continue, and China’s top diplomat warned the two countries are gearing up for a “head-on collision.” [NYT]

MORE JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS RECEIVED BOMB THREATS TUESDAY Five JCCs across the country, a Jewish day school in Florida and offices for the Anti-Defamation League were threatened. [HuffPost]

THE LIGHTS WENT OUT AT THE STATUE OF LIBERTY LAST NIGHT While it was reportedly a power outage, Twitter erupted with theories on if the darkness was related to International Women’s Day or the new immigration executive order. [HuffPost]


HOW COOL ARE THESE NIKE PRO HIJABS? The “performance head cover” will hit shelves this year. [HuffPost]

189 PEOPLE DIE OF RABIES EVERY DAY Even though the virus is preventable and treatable. [HuffPost]

TWITTER HAD SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT THE NEW GREEN TRUMP HATS And the debate over a clover and a shamrock raged. [HuffPost]

‘INSIDE THE ANTI-SCIENCE FORCES OF THE INTERNET’ “Welcome to the corner of the internet that’s hell-bent on convincing you that GMOs are poisonous, vaccines cause autism, and climate change is a government-sponsored hoax.” [Buzzfeed]

A DEEP READ OF THE ‘OATHBREAKER’ ‘GAME OF THRONES’ TEASER Why wouldn’t we overanalyze 13 seconds of footage since we have ABOUT FIVE MONTHS until the show returns. No one is mad. No one is mad. [HuffPost]

BECAUSE WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF EMMA WATSON This video of her hiding books around the NYC Subway is one for the ages, as well as this clip of Jimmy Kimmel revealing her “Harry Potter” secret. And we adore that she has a group text with her fellow “Harry Potter” co-stars. Add us, please? It could make up for the owl that never came?  [HuffPost


~ Trump’s budget proposes deep cuts to the Coast Guard.

~ Pete Davidson of “SNL” talks getting sober and off drugs for the first time in 8 years.

~ Rep. Jason Chaffetz came under fire Tuesday for saying low-income families would need to choose between the newest iPhone and health care.

~ That time James Corden spanked Trump (yes, this is a real story).

~ All dreams are possible: Starburst is making exclusively pink packs.

~ The “Deadpool 2” team clearly had a blast putting in all these Easter Eggs in its teaser trailer.

~ Amy Schumer thinks she looked “stupid skinny” after her “Trainwreck”-induced weight loss.

~ Scarlett Johansson has reportedly officially filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Romain Dauriac.

~ Alec Baldwin doesn’t plan on doing his Trump impersonation much longer for this reason.

~ According to the coroner, George Michael died of natural causes ― heart disease and a damaged liver.

~ Khaleesi wrote one heck of a post about feminism for International Women’s Day.