Wednesday's Morning Email: Latest Missile Launch From North Korea Appears To Put Entire Continental U.S. In Range

Experts warn this is no longer a hypothetical.


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THE THREAT FROM NORTH KOREA IS NO LONGER HYPOTHETICAL, EXPERTS WARN After Tuesday’s launch of what was “likely” an intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of 8,100 miles ― which would be enough to hit New York City or Washington, D.C. “We will take care of it,” President Donald Trump said. “It is a situation that we will handle.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

TRUMP RETWEETED A BATCH OF INFLAMMATORY ANTI-ISLAM VIDEOS THIS MORNING “The tweets came from a British far-right leader with a history of spreading Islamophobic and anti-immigrant hoaxes.” [HuffPost]

TRUMP STILL REPORTEDLY DOESN’T BELIEVE OBAMA WAS BORN IN THE STATES According to a New York Times report, the president has been bringing up his past birther theories and the idea that the “Access Hollywood” tape is not him in closed-door meetings. [HuffPost]

INSIDE MICHAEL FLYNN’S WHITE HOUSE NUCLEAR PLAN PITCH ― FROM A COMPANY HE’D ADVISED “Soon after Trump’s inauguration, Flynn received a memo from his former business associate Robert McFarlane, co-founder of the company IP3, about the plan, which envisioned a large consortium of countries, including the U.S. and Russia, building a fleet of nuclear reactors across the Middle East.” [HuffPost]

A JUDGE LEAVES MICK MULVANEY IN PLACE As the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. [HuffPost]


THE AIR FORCE FAILED TO REPORT DOZENS OF CONVICTIONS TO THE BACKGROUND CHECK SYSTEM The military branch is investigating its policies after the mass shooting in a Texas church earlier this month. The shooter was able to obtain a gun after the Air Force did not report his domestic violence conviction properly. [HuffPost]


MEET THE FIRST JEWISH CONTESTANT TO COMPETE FOR THE TITLE OF MISS GERMANY “I see my candidacy not only as a personal achievement but as an achievement for the State of Israel and for the Jewish people in the Diaspora – that in Germany, a country with a very complex history with regard to the Jewish people, there is the first Jewish contestant for the title,” Tamar Morali said. [HuffPost]

HOW TO GET THROUGH YOUR FIRST HOLIDAY AFTER LOSING A LOVED ONE A look at managing your grief during the holiday season. [HuffPost]

WHY PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHAN MARKLE’S MARRIAGE IS A BIG SHIFT FOR THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND As Markle prepares to be baptized, a look at the hurdles she had to pass as a divorcee to secure a royal church wedding at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. In lighter news, Markle used to be a briefcase model for “Deal or No Deal.” Here’s a look at every show she ever appeared on as well as an adorable tweet from her TV fiance about the engagement (also, we’re going to give a shoutout to “Suits” here, which we still watch and love. Rachel Zane, you will be missed). [HuffPost]

NO WHITE MEN WERE NOMINATED FOR THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR GRAMMY It’s the first time that’s happened since 1999. Ed Sheeran fans are worked up over what they see as a snub. Check out the other snubs and surprises in this year’s nominations. Here’s how “Despacito” could make Grammy history. And congrats to Kesha, who is nominated for the first time years after her legal battles with the producer she accused of rape. [HuffPost]

‘GET OUT’ AND ‘CALL ME BY YOUR NAME’ ARE LOOKING LIKE EARLY OSCAR FRONT-RUNNERS By sweeping the Gotham Awards ― much like “Moonlight” did last year. [HuffPost]

BREAK OUT THE SELF-TANNER The original “Jersey Shore” cast is back for a reboot around a family vacation. [HuffPost]