Wednesday's Morning Email: The Biggest Winner In Trump's Proposed Tax Plan

And losers.


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CORPORATIONS WIN MOST IN TRUMP’S TAX PLAN President Donald Trump’s proposal includes a cut in the income tax rate on public corporations to 15 percent from 35 percent. There are not currently plans in place to offset the lost revenue, so it could add billions to the federal deficit. [Reuters]

ABANDONING FUNDING FOR A BORDER WALL COULD PREVENT A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN “Republicans, facing the refusal of Democrats to fund Trump’s border wall in an upcoming spending bill, seem to have abandoned their wall construction demands as lawmakers work to avert a government shutdown.” [HuffPost]

JUDGE BLOCKS TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDER ON SANCTUARY CITIES Preventing the administration from yanking federal funds from the sanctuary jurisdictions. [HuffPost]

FOX NEWS FACES CLASS-ACTION SUIT ALLEGING RACIAL DISCRIMINATION The group of 11 current and former employees includes a former Fox News anchor. [HuffPost]

THE ‘STAFFING LIMBO’ OF THIS ADMINISTRATION “The Senate has confirmed 26 of Trump’s picks for his Cabinet and other top posts. But for 530 other vacant senior-level jobs requiring Senate confirmation, the president has advanced just 37 nominees.” [WaPo]

HOUSE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE: FLYNN DIDN’T DISCLOSE RUSSIA PAYMENTS IN SECURITY CLEARANCE APPLICATION Including a paid trip the former national security advisor Michael Flynn took to Russia in 2015 that included a dinner with President Vladimir Putin. [HuffPost]

WHEN THE POPE GIVES A TED TALK “A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you.” [HuffPost]

THINGS WORKED OUT ALL RIGHT FOR JEB BUSH AFTER ALL He and Derek Jeter are reportedly buying the Miami Marlins. [Bleacher Report]


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FORMER ‘BACHELOR’ CHRIS SOULES ARRESTED AFTER FATAL HIT-AND-RUN Soules allegedly fled the scene after his pickup truck rear-ended a tractor. The 66-year-old driving the tractor died. [HuffPost]

‘IF YOU TAKE OUT KENAN THOMPSON, THE STUDIO WILL EXPLODE’ “Insiders at SNL consider Kenan Thompson to be one of the greatest sketch comics ever. As he approaches a record 15th season on the show, maybe you should, too.” [HuffPost]

COLBERT IS CLOSE TO DEFEATING FALLON FOR THE 2016-2017 LATE NIGHT SEASON Talk about a magical comeback ― just take a look at this crazy chart. [Vulture]

LET IT GO FOR 945 DAYS Because that’s how long we have until “Frozen 2.” [HuffPost]