Wednesday's Morning Email: Trump's Transition Team Tumult

Inside Tuesday's firings.


TRUMP’S TRANSITION TEAM TUMULT The demotion of Chris Christie and appointment of Mike Pence to the head of Donald Trump’s transition team has led to a fair amount of upheaval and firings. And while the Hill waits for a Trump pivot, Democrats appear ready to “play ball” with the president-elect. Oh, and in case you missed it ― Paul Ryan wasunanimously nominated for Speaker of the House Tuesday by his fellow Republicans. [Laura Barron-Lopez and Ryan Grim, HuffPost]

A MAP OF THE TWO AMERICAS Take a look at this visual, which separates the nation into two maps based on who voted for Trump and Hillary Clinton. [NYT]

TWO DEAD AFTER OKLAHOMA AIRPORT SHOOTING The victim, Southwest employee Michael Winchester, was the father of a Kansas City Chiefs player. The suspect was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. [Chris D’Angelo, HuffPost]

LINDSEY GRAHAM IS STILL THE VOICE OF REASON The Republican senator has vowed to vote against the elimination of the filibuster. [Ryan Grim, HuffPost]

THE LGBTQ VOTERS WHO WENT FOR TRUMP Meet the 14 percent of the community that voted for a Trump-Pence administration. [MSNBC]

SNAPCHAT FILED FOR A $25 BILLION IPO You know, just a small amount of money there. [Reuters]

YOUR CARRY-ON JUST GOT MORE EXPENSIVE Who knew there were still ways to make flying even worse? [Reuters]


ANDY COHEN HAS LET US ALL IN ON T-SWIFT’S KATY PERRY FEUD He detailed the latest bad blood (sorry, had to) between the pop princesses. [HuffPost]

THIS IS HOW WE GOT ‘THE HOBBIT’ TRILOGY Looks like a “Game of Thrones” prequel is more realistic than we thought. More Sean Bean not dying, please. [HuffPost

HOW NORDSTROM IS DEFYING THE DEATH OF THE MALL “While its peers are struggling, the retail giant is doubling down on what it does best — and going beyond its American roots.” [Racked]

OF COURSE ‘THIS IS US’ IS FALL’S BREAKOUT HIT Who isn’t watching it (with tissues in hand)? [Vulture]

DRUMROLL, PLEASE People’s sexiest man for 2016 is ... [HuffPost]

THIS STUDY SHOWS TEENAGERS’ BLOOD REJUVENATED THE MINDS AND BODIES OF ELDERLY MICE This sounds like the plot line of a sci-fi series already, and we haven’t really even gotten started. [New Scientist


~ JetBlue is having a rather large flash sale. You’re welcome for those cheap tickets.

~ We’re not crying, you’re crying over Twitter’s #ThankYouObama campaign.

~ Carrie Fisher dishes about her steamy affair with Harrison Ford.

~ Even the Pope is a Cubs fan.

~ You’re not the only one worried about how the election will play out at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

~ It took us more than a zeptosecond, which is now the shortest unit of time, to write out zeptosecond.

~ Turns out “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland can really sing.

~ The English major in us adores these vintage book gift ideas, while the part of us that wishes we were still asleep loves these.

~ Meet the teenage brides of Georgia.

~ Capturing life on the Outer Hebridean Isles in the northernmost reaches of Scotland in photos.

~ It’s that time again ― here’s how to start your Black Friday shopping early.

~ Check out how close the live action “Beauty and the Beast” trailer hewed to the animated classic in this side by side video.


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