Wednesday's Morning Email: What You Need To Know About Bernie Sanders' Single-Payer Plan

Introducing "Berniecare."


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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BERNIE SANDERS’ SINGLE-PAYER PLAN As the Vermont senator presents “Berniecare.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

AROUND 5 MILLION STILL WITHOUT POWER And looking to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Irma. [HuffPost]

SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS TRAVEL BAN, PUTS REDRAWING OF TEXAS ELECTORAL MAP ON HOLD Take a look at Trump’s temporary win, as well as the reasoning behind the map verdict. [Reuters]

THE MAYOR OF SEATTLE HAS RESIGNED After months of allegations that he had committed child sexual abuse. [HuffPost]

THIS IS WHAT THE TWO DEADLIEST SHOOTINGS OF THE YEAR HAVE IN COMMON “Both involved men allegedly targeting their estranged wives as the women attempted to move on.” [HuffPost]

CONGRESS CALLED ON TRUMP TO DENOUNCE HATE GROUPS In a resolution that will go to Trump for his signature. [HuffPost]

INSIDE THE FORMER CDC DIRECTOR’S NEW INITIATIVE TO SAVE 100 MILLION LIVES AND FIGHT GLOBAL EPIDEMICS “It’s not a matter of if there will be another infectious disease threat ― we know there will be another one. We need to be better prepared than we are today.” [HuffPost]


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE iPHONE X So many features for so much money. [HuffPost]

FRYGATE McDonald’s is vehemently denying claims workers are trained to short you on your fries. [HuffPost]

‘THE SIREN SONG OF THE AMERICAN TRUCK DRIVER’ “I’m the captain of this ship. I’m responsible for all of this,” one driver says. “But that’s what I love about driving this truck. For me, that’s the pinnacle of any job. Captain of your own ship.” [The Ringer]

YOUR FAVORITES RAISED A TON OF MONEY FOR HURRICANE RELIEF LAST NIGHT George Clooney, Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks and more hit the phones in a televised telethon, raising over $14 million. And Beyonce managed to touch on racism, climate change and violence in under two minutes. [HuffPost]

EVEN SELENA GOMEZ FEELS LIKE SHE HAS NO FRIENDS SOMETIMES Despite being the most followed person on Instagram. [HuffPost]

THE ELEGANCE IS BREATHTAKING In these must-see photos from JFK and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding. [HuffPost]