Wednesday's Morning Email: Why Obama May Be Known As The Clemency President

The president has commuted 1,385 sentences, the most of any president in history.


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PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA COMMUTES CHELSEA MANNING’S SENTENCE, THOSE OF OVER 200 MORE FEDERAL PRISONERS Chelsea Manning, “the U.S. soldier whom prosecutors deemed a traitor for sending hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks,” will be released May 17. By granting clemency to 209 federal prisoners Tuesday, Obama hascommuted sentences for 1,385 individuals. He has granted more commutations than any president in history. [Ryan Reilly, HuffPost]

CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE ESTIMATES 18 MILLION WOULD LOSE INSURANCE IF OBAMACARE IS REPEALED Premiums would also increase substantially if the “repeal-and-delay” strategy continues. President-elect Donald Trump has walked back his promise of health care for everyone. This Washington Post graphic breaks down how your insurance could change under the various Republican plans to replace the health care law. And just in case it needs to be stated ― Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing. [Jonathan Cohn, HuffPost]

GEORGE H.W. BUSH HAS BEEN HOSPITALIZED IN HOUSTON The former president is listed in stable condition. [Reuters]

THIS U.S. PROGRAM DESIGNED TO HELP CENTRAL AMERICAN REFUGEES HAS ONLY RELOCATED ONE FAMILY “Death threats here have short grace periods ― often just 24 hours.” [Danielle Mackey, HuffPost]

LOOKS LIKE SNOWDEN IS STAYING IN RUSSIA For at least a few more years. [Reuters]

SUSPECT ARRESTED FOR KILLING ORLANDO POLICEWOMAN AND HIS PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND Markeith Loyd was arrested after a standoff in an abandoned home. [Reuters]

HUFFPOST WILL BE LIVE-STREAMING OUR DNC DEBATETONIGHT Tune into our HuffPost Politics Facebook page at 7 p.m. EST. And here’s everything you need to know about the race. [Zach Carter and Daniel Marans, HuffPost]


YOUR MOM IS GOING TO LIKE THIS ARTICLE About people putting down their devices at cafes without Wi-Fi and talking to each other. [WSJ | Paywall]


MIND. BLOWN. Did you know that the drawer underneath your oven isn’t for storage? It’s a “warming drawer.” Yeah, we had no idea either. [Lifehacker]

TURNS OUT A BUNCH OF CELEBRITY BABIES MAY HAVE BEEN SUCKING ON MOLD A baby teether toy in the shape of a giraffe popular among celebrities is having a viral moment after parents are cutting it open to find mold. [Buzzfeed]

THE DANGEROUS BACKSTORIES OF ‘PUNK’D’ From high-speed chases to weapons, the show often didn’t show some of its more “compromising” footage. [HuffPost


~ Disney has finally revealed the connections between all its Pixar films.

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~ Why one adult baby is making ‘The Bachelor’ Great Again.

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~ Betty White continued to be a boss, turned 95 yesterday. We adore these tweets celebrating her greatness.

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~ Don’t move to this city if you’re afraid of roaches.

~ And there is currently an internet war over who is bigger: Drake or Nelly. We’re with Vulture ― there is NO question that Nelly is the more successful artist. And yes, we are blatantly St. Louis biased here. 


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