Weed App Companies Want Apple to Change App Store Policies

It seems that tech companies which develop marijuana-related apps are having difficulties obtaining authorization from Apple in order to release their creation to consumers via their App Store.

Said companies are reportedly dealing with a vague set of rules when attempting to comprehend Apple's App Store policies.

Now, as a form of retaliation toward Apple's less than weed-friendly conduct, a petition has been initiated requesting that the company relax and correct its unpredictable policies.

The types of marijuana-related apps that are catching all the grief range from social apps and digital publications to ad networks and investment funds. And despite the fact that the majority of these companies are located in Colorado where marijuana is legal for both medicinal and recreational use, Apple is still giving them a rough way to go in relation to having their app approved.

God forbid someone else have a little slice of the proverbial commerce pie. Right, Apple?

Apple reportedly has a nasty reputation for being subjective as to which companies they will honor with acceptance into its infamous digital store. And unfortunately said store has command of a chief share of the mobile marketplace with the capability of making or breaking companies at will.

MassRoots, a marijuana-related Instagram-esque social network, claim that they've been prohibited from the App Store due to the fact that Apple doesn't seem to tolerate digital applications that are designed to connect concurring lovers of the marijuana plant.

Once MassRoots was given the digital boot from Apple's precious store, they decided to write the company a letter and also started the abovementioned online petition.

"We're a social network for cannabis that enables people to talk about the plant in ways most people don't feel comfortable on other social networks," explained Isaac Dietrich, CEO of MassRoots. "I don't want grandma to see me taking bong rips on Facebook."

It's the Apple that apparently only certain companies can take a bite out of, eh?

Get on the bus, Apple! Legal weed is here to stay!