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A $750 Weed Grinder Necklace Is Here Just In Time For The Holidays

Put your money where your weed is.

It’s been a pretty big month in this country as far as marijuana goes. California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine became the latest states to approve recreational use when residents voted November 8.

With the holidays right around the corner, what better way to celebrate this exciting development than by purchasing an obscenely priced contraption in which to grind up all that legal weed?

Vetements, a French brand that offers $980 T-shirts, is once again trolling the masses with a new $750 silver weed grinder necklace. Natch.


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Some other grinders available on the internet teeter around the $40 mark, but hey, those don’t say Vetements on them, and as far as we can tell they can’t be worn as a very useful, multi-purpose necklace.

For the more frugal pot enthusiast, might we suggest the wide range of cute, previously available accessories that won’t cost this near a month’s rent? These $10 rolling papers that double as oil blotters or this $16 Sailor Moon-inspired grinder come to mind.

We can’t speak to its grinding abilities, but $750 sure is a hiiiiiigh price to pay for something like this.

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