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Weed Vodka Is Here, But It Might Not Deliver What You Were Hoping For

Bring on the cocktail tumblers. 🍸

Weed vodka has arrived, for all you stoners drinkers out there.

A small California distillery has debuted weed-infused vodka called Humboldt's Finest. And while it won't get you high, it could easily leave you with a head-pounding hangover.

Weed vodka connoisseurs recommend mixing it with honey, thyme and citrus for a cocktail that sounds -- and a bottle that looks -- positively classy.

But don't expect anything more than a liquor-y buzz from the stuff. In order to stay legal in California, weed vodka contains less than 0.3 percent THC, the chemical in marijuana that makes you feel high. Ingesting THC generally has a less potent effect than smoking, and ingesting this little of it -- especially in an infusion -- isn't likely to make you feel anything at all.

But at 40 percent alcohol by volume, the weed vodka packs a punch stronger than your average gin, with a more "botanical" flavor to boot.

The vodka is available for purchase in California and Colorado, Mashable reports.

Cheers, leaf lovers!

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