Week Three Is Fashion Fabulous

In these two cities, we saw some common themes interwoven through both week's events as well as some fantastic looks that were unique to the runway of the city.
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Here we are in week three of Fashion Week. The great styles and super looks just keep coming! We just viewed the latest trends in New York and London. In these two cities, we saw some common themes interwoven through both week's events as well as some fantastic looks that were unique to the runway of the city.

So, here we are in Milan. One thing is for certain, they certainly know how to do Fashion Week in Italy. The runways are filled with incredible looks! The apparel lines are stunning and amazing as always. However, once you add in the make-up and hair, the experience goes to a whole new level.

There were so many creative hairstyles to polish off these fall trends. Let's start with Bottega Veneta who went with a very classy and sophisticated look for his models. To create this feeling, he parted their hair right down the center. He finished the look by styling the longer lengths in a very straight manner and then tightly pulled back the hair away from the face. Sometimes this was also completed with a low ponytail or a low bun that lent itself to both versatility and elegance.

Pixies are not going anywhere this season. They remain a strong focal point for many designers. We saw this with the Veneta models as well. The pixie is such a great look. It can either be worn sleek or loose, tussled or slicked back. It's a style to be worn for any occasion, easily dressed up for the black tie affair or played down for the most casual of events.

As we saw in New York and London, hair that had a lot of texture remains a theme that we have seen throughout this season. The use of texture was often seen intertwined with a long bang cut low on the forehead often just slightly above or touching the eyebrows of the models.

Bangs are trending big time right now and we definitely saw this in Milan. It's a great way to change your style without going to drastic by cutting the length off of your hair. It also serves to accentuate features depending on the shape of the face.

Marni screamed 1940's pinups. The looks were spectacular with finger waves that transitioned into soft curls solidifying that trends move from generation to generation and then repeat themselves. Marni mastered this by recreating the look with a modern edge.

Gucci produces such beautiful quality items and they certainly adorned the runways with many of them in Milan. They were polished at utilizing various hat accessories to create a stylish flair that complimented all of their looks.

Lastly, Missoni presented fabulous looks that were very similar to what we saw in London and New York. Hair with a tremendous amount of texture along with curls that were brushed out creating tremendous volume. This was often mixed with bangs which was exquisite.

I would be amiss to leave out color trends. In Milan the color trends were equally as beautiful as they were during the two previous weeks. Several of the same themes were present including striking one tones that were worn from root to ends.

I close the book on this fall's exquisite Fashion Weeks with the reminder that fall and winter are in the air, so, you better get ready!

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