Week to Week News Quiz for 6/10/16

Be the first female presidential nominee to take our latest Week to Week News Quiz. (Others can take it, too.)

Here are some random but real hints: It could mean an all-Methodist ticket; they're looking for payback; he took Graham's suggestion; and at least he wasn't promoting a sponsor. Answers are below the quiz.

1. Who met with Hillary Clinton one day after endorsing her presidential candidacy?
a. Kim Jong-un
b. Bob Dole
c. Bernie Sanders
d. Elizabeth Warren

2. Where did police shoot a man on Friday?
a. Outside the White House
b. At the Ronald Reagan presidential library
c. Inside the Vatican
d. At a Dallas airport

3. USA Today reported about hundreds of people who were mad at Donald Trump for what reason?
a. They bought units in his condominiums in which the guest bathrooms had fixtures of brass instead of gold
b. They allege that Donald Trump threatened them physically if they spoke out against him
c. They claim he never paid them for work performed for his companies
d. They claim he reneged on promises to hire them for his presidential campaign

4. What is now going to be possible thanks to a rare act of reconciliation between Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Armenian church leaders?
a. The three churches will unify into one
b. Christmas will no longer be celebrated on different days by the Eastern and Western churches
c. The tomb where Jesus is believed to have been buried will undergo restoration work
d. The Vatican will have access to the complete membership email lists of the other two churches to give it greater viral marketing capacity

5. Following Donald Trump's suggestion that an American judge with Mexican heritage would be biased against him, what did Senator Lindsey Graham do?
a. Endorsed Donald Trump
b. Photographed himself eating a burrito and tweeted it to Trump
c. Said Republicans who have endorsed Trump should now un-endorse him
d. Accepted conservative strategist Bill Kristol's invitation to run as a third-party challenger

6. A judge in California was harshly criticized after he handed down what sentence to a man who sexually assaulted a sleeping woman?
a. The death penalty
b. 30 days of house arrest
c. six months in prison
d. six years in prison

7. Senator Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican believed to be one of the most likely Republican senators to lose his seat this November, has changed his mind about something. What?
a. He "unendorsed" Donald Trump
b. He walked back his claim that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was linked to the mafia
c. He has changed his voter registration to "independent"
d. He has said that he will accept a vice presidential selection--from Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

8. The Playboy Mansion was sold. Who bought it?
a. Daren Metropoulis, head of Twinkies-maker Hostess Brands
b. Facebook co-founder Greg Nuevosricos
c. Founder Hugh Hefner's daughter, Christie Hefner
d. U.S. Representative and car alarm entrepreneur Darrell Issa

9. How did Hillary Clinton respond to Donald Trump's tweet dissing President Obama's endorsement of her?
a. She tweeted "Delete your account"
b. She released a video statement accusing him of building shoddy casinos
c. She complained that Obama took so long to endorse she "feared he was going to endorse Trump"
d. She tweeted "And Donald, thank YOU for being such a weak opponent"

10. FILL IN THE BLANK: Thousands of people lined the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, for the funeral of BLANK?

BONUS. Why was Iranian soccer player Sosha Makani banned for six months from Iran's national team?
a. He tried to defect to India during an international friendly game
b. He tweeted congratulations to the country's nuclear weapons scientists, but it's a national crime to acknowledge them publicly
c. He was photographed wearing yellow "SpongeBob" pants, which were deemed "inappropriate" by the country's soccer "morality committee"
d. He praised Hillary Clinton in a Facebook post

1. d.
2. d.
3. c.
4. c.
5. c. (Graham told The New York Times that "This is the most un-American thing from a politician since Joe McCarthy. If anybody was looking for an off-ramp, this is probably it. ... There'll come a time when the love of country will trump hatred of Hillary.")
6. c.
7. a.
8. a.
9. a.
10. Muhammad Ali.

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Explanations of the hints: It could mean an all-Methodist ticket: the meeting happened at the height of speculation about a Clinton-Warren ticket, which would feature two United Methodists; they're looking for payback: the report cited hundreds of people, including carpenters, dishwashers, lawyers, and others who allege Trump stiffed them on payments; he took Graham's suggestion: Kirk took Graham's suggestion to "un-endorse" Donald Trump; and at least he wasn't promoting a sponsor: just remember that if you should ever go to Iran and get to play on its national soccer team, you should not wear bright yellow pants.