Week to Week News Quiz for 6/24/16

While you are busy exchanging your British pounds for dollars and euros, take a break and test your news skills with our latest Week to Week News Quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: He probably also asked about his pension; dream delayed; it's the Andy Warhol theory of law enforcement; and a mother scorned. Answers are below the quiz.

1. Following the UK's vote to leave the European Union, what did Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly tell Queen Elizabeth?
a. Oops, shouldn't have done that
b. I'm quitting
c. Frankly, your majesty, this is all your fault
d. It's time we got rid of the royal family, too

2. What Obama administration initiative was dealt a setback by the U.S. Supreme Court this week?
a. The Iran nuclear agreement
b. Loan guarantees for sustainable energy companies
c. Rapprochement with Cuba
d. Protecting certain immigrants from the threat of deportation

3. What did the FBI remove from the transcripts of the 911 call with the Orlando nightclub killer?
a. References to Islamic State and its leader
b. References to Israel
c. All mention of his hatred of LGBT people
d. His repeated insistence that he be buried in Arlington National Cemetery

4. If you're looking for a job, where might you find an open position?
a. The Clinton campaign, which laid off 250 "unproductive" senior staffers this week
b. Disneyland Paris, which is looking for 50 American English speakers to staff a new "Americaland" attraction
c. Oakland, California, which is getting its fourth police chief in less than two weeks
d. Huffington Post, which is launching its newest overseas edition, Huffington Post Tehran

5. Whom did Donald Trump fire on Monday?
a. His campaign chairman, Paul Manafort
b. His campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski
c. His media advisor and grandson, Trip Trump
d. His marketing firm, Draper Sterling

6. Viernheim is a small industrial town in western Germany. What happened there this week that had echoes of American events?
a. A gunman attacked moviegoers in a cinema
b. Reality TV star Axel Feldheim launched his populist campaign to replace Angela Merkel as chancellor in the next federal election
c. Lawmakers in the regional legislature staged a sit-in to demand votes on immigration policy
d. A handsome man arrested for armed robbery was offered a three-year modeling contract by a major German clothing label

7. Who's the latest Republican to publicly endorse Democrat Hillary Clinton for president?
a. George H.W. Bush
b. Brent Scowcroft
c. Newt Gingrich
d. John McCain

8. What's the next likely referendum that could shock the United Kingdom?
a. Following the Brexit vote, Scotland is considering holding another referendum on leaving the UK
b. David Cameron promised to let Welsh voters decide whether to remain in the UK
c. Voters will decide in early August whether to disband the monarchy
d. British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is pushing a referendum on leaving NATO

9. Senator Bernie Sanders, who has refused to endorse Hillary Clinton, said he will vote for whom in November?
a. Donald Trump
b. Bernie Sanders
c. Hillary Clinton
d. Nigel Farage

10. Why is Fiat Chrysler facing a lawsuit from Jeep owners?
a. Five Jeep Grand Cherokees have been involved in explosions during acceleration
b. A class action lawsuit claims the Jeeps are overpriced compared to Korean rivals
c. A law firm filed suit saying the cars were unsafe following the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin, who was killed when his Jeep rolled into him
d. Consumer Reports discovered that the all-electric version of the Jeep Mammoth actually has a gas back-up engine

BONUS. Who told CBS "I don't know how women can vote" for Donald Trump?
a. Donald Trump
b. Ivanka Trump
c. Barbara Bush
d. Paul Ryan

1. b.
2. d.
3. a.
4. c.
5. b.
6. a.
7. b.
8. a.
9. c (but it's not an endorsement, and he hasn't ended his campaign).
10. c.

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Explanations of the hints: He probably also asked about his pension: after failing to keep the UK in the EU, Cameron announced his retirement; dream delayed: the young "dreamers" will have to wait for help from the federal government on the immigration front; it's the Andy Warhol theory of law enforcement: wags have suggested that everyone will have 15 minutes of fame as Oakland's police chief; and a mother scorned: Barbara Bush, wife of one former president, mother of another former president, and mother of a candidate who lost the nomination to Trump, is not a fan.