Week to Week News Quiz for 1/23/15

Find out the State of the News with our latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: Sneezy won't be making his usual appearance; he's a robust 79 years old; Merkel must have signed off on it; and the imitation game. Answers are below the quiz.

1. What will Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do when he visits Washington in March?
a. Address Congress
b. Meet with President Obama
c. Meet with Jeb Bush's political action committee
d. Have lunch with the conservative members of the U.S. Supreme Court

2. Who did California officials say should not go to Disneyland?
a. Unvaccinated people
b. Criminals
c. Religious proselytizers
d. Police officers

3. What is the new product or service Google plans to roll out?
a. Key clubs
b. Wireless phone service
c. Advertising on the moon
d. Carpet cleaning

4. Who is King Salman?
a. Burger King's controversial replacement for the fish burger
b. The cartoon character created to promote the Obamacare insurance exchanges
c. The new king of Saudi Arabia, following the death of 90-year-old King Abdullah
d. President Obama's nominee to succeed Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense

5. Who announced a program of quantitative easing, or expansion of the money supply by buying $1.1 trillion in bonds?
a. The Federal Reserve
b. The International Monetary Fund
c. MasterCard
d. The European Central Bank

6. Who derailed a Republican congressional attempt to restrict federal funding of abortions?
a. GOP leaders dropped the proposed bill after a three-hour filibuster by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
b. President Obama ordered the bill to be dropped from federal budget negotiations
c. House Speaker John Boehner told his caucus that they could not "save the children by targeting the mothers"
d. Moderate Republicans

7. What accusation is being denied by the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots?
a. They paid the referees of the Packers-Seahawks game to make the Seahawks win because the Patriots think they have a better chance against Seattle
b. They used partially deflated footballs in their playoff victory against Indianapolis
c. They tapped the phones of the Indianapolis coaches and knew their game plan
d. Quarterback Tom Brady wears a toupee

8. Why did the leader of an anti-Islamist group in Germany quit his post?
a. Facebook photos showed him sporting an Adolf Hitler mustache and similar hair and captioned "He's back!"
b. His Muslim wife gave a television interview admitting that she found her husband's views "unfortunate"
c. He was ordered to quit by German President Joachim Gauck
d. His kids uploaded to YouTube a video of him wearing blackface paint

9. What has killed hundreds of birds in the Bay Area?
a. An oil slick
b. Sectarian violence
c. An unidentified "mystery goo"

10. Houthi rebels have taken control of the capital of what country?
a. Qatar
b. Yemen
c. Bangalla
d. Eritrea

BONUS. What did police recover following a Christmas Day heist at an iconic Bay Area institution?
a. The first baby born in San Francisco since 2010 was taken from her hospital crib the day after her birth
b. Billionaire Tom Steyer's wallet was stolen by a pick pocket while he served food at a local food pantry
c. $300,000 in high-end wines that had been stolen from the French Laundry restaurant
d. The "Great Golden Nugget" -- the first chunk of gold discovered in what would become the Gold Rush -- was taken from the San Francisco Historical Museum

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1) a.
2) a.
3) b.
4) c.
5) d.
6) d.
7) b.
8) a.
9) c.
10) b (and definitely not Bangalla -- that's the fictional country from The Phantom).
BONUS) c (they were recovered in North Carolina).

Explanations of the hints: Sneezy won't be making his usual appearance: unvaccinated people were warned to stay away; he's a robust 79 years old: the 79-year-old Salman succeeds the 90-year-old king; Merkel must have signed off on it: German government resistance had been a drag on plans for QE in the eurozone, but when it was announced, it was actually a larger-scale QE than markets expected; and the imitation game: doing a visual imitation of Hitler is not the way to endear yourself to modern Germans.