Week to Week News Quiz for 2/27/15

Escape to the Rockies in our latest latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: That was Martin Landau; big ISPs aren't happy; they hate us for our BOGO sales; and maybe Bibi wasn't exaggerating that much. Answers are below the quiz.

1. Actor Leonard Nimoy died on Friday at the age of 83. Which one of the following is not true?
a. One of his earliest acting roles was as a Martian invader in the 1952 serial Zombies of the Stratosphere
b. He wrote two autobiographies, 1975's I Am Not Spock and 1995's I Am Spock
c. He was a photographer whose work was exhibited at the R. Michelson Galleries in Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art
d. After Star Trek ended, Nimoy starred in Mission Impossible and Space: 1999

2. What rule regarding the internet did the Federal Communications Commission approve this week?
a. Net neutrality
b. "Sexting" was made illegal, with a possible $450 fine per instance
c. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines must clear their "memories" every 15 days to avoid collecting personal and private data
d. The "equal time" rules for political campaigns was extended to online news sources

3. Shopping malls across the United States are increasing security after threats from whom?
a. Teenage flash mobs
b. A Somali terrorist group
c. Walmart
d. Amazon.com

4. Where did a gunman go door to door killing a total of seven people?
a. Rural Missouri
b. Detroit, Michigan
c. Los Angeles, California
d. Buffalo, New York

5. Who is Jesus "Chuy" Garcia and why is he causing Rahm Emanuel stress?
a. He is the head of the ChuyInVest consortium of companies that is bankrolling opposition to Mayor Emanuel's budget referendum
b. He is the candidate who got enough votes to force Emanuel into a runoff election for Chicago's mayor
c. He is Emanuel's college roommate who made news this week by claiming that Emanuel was a secret supporter of the Symbionese Liberation Army
d. He is the federal prosecutor for Northern Illinois who is pursuing corruption allegations against the Chicago mayor

6. Who was ordered this week to pay more than $500 million for patent infringement?
a. Apple
b. Google
c. Samsung
d. Disney

7. By what nickname is London terrorist Mohammed Emwazi of ISIS known?
a. Terror Tommy
b. Evil Eddie
c. Jihadi John
d. Killer Kane

8. What new Arkansas law did retailing giant Walmart and tech colossus Apple criticize?
a. A requirement that 45% of all products sold in Arkansas must be made in the state
b. A ban on the public exercise of religion by "foreign proselytizers"
c. Increased fines for public school teachers who deviate from state-approved teachings
d. A ban on local governments expanding anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation and gender identity

9. A new Pew Research Center study finds that harassment of whom reached a seven-year high in 2013?
a. Russians
b. Christians
c. Women
d. Jews

10. According to a new poll, what do 57% of Republicans support?
a. Deporting the president
b. Making Christianity the national religion
c. Banning net neutrality
d. Ending public education

BONUS. According to a new study from Cornell University, you should head to the northern Rockies as your safest refuge from what?
a. Middle Eastern terrorists
b. Wild big cats
c. The measles outbreak
d. Zombies

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1) d (Nimoy did appear in Mission Impossible for two seasons but not in the British-lensed Space: 1999).
2) a.
3) b.
4) a.
5) b.
6) a.
7) c.
8) d.
9) d.
10) b.

Explanations of the hints: That was Martin Landau: Landau was the star of Space: 1999, not Nimoy; big ISPs aren't happy: supporters of net neutrality hope it will force big ISPs to treat all online traffic and customers the same; they hate us for our BOGO sales: the terrorists reportedly called for attacks on American shopping malls; and maybe Bibi wasn't exaggerating that much: the Israeli prime minister drew criticism for telling European Jews that Israel was safer for them.