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Week to Week News Quiz for 3/13/15

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Take a break from archiving your personal emails and take our latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: Not the Gomer Pyle kind; they'll sign anything; social media is not always your friend; that's Stephen King. Answers are below the quiz.

1. What did the federal government expand on the California coast?
a. Two marine sanctuaries
b. Oil drilling
c. Same-sex marriage
d. Requirements for all coastal communities to be able to withstand a major hurricane or tidal wave

2. What did Greece's defense minister say his country would do if Germany didn't support it in debt negotiations?
a. Ban Germans from Greek beaches
b. Send Germany its immigrants and ISIS terrorists
c. Reform its labor market and its tax structure to adequately fund its current and long-term needs
d. Join the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union

3. Who sent a letter to Iran's leaders trying to convince it not to sign a nuclear agreement with the United States?
a. Saudi Arabia's King Salman
b. Russian President Vladimir Putin
c. 47 U.S. senators
d. Ralph Nader

4. After Hillary Clinton held a press conference explaining her use of private emails, what did some people see in a Time magazine cover?
a. An implied endorsement of Clinton for president in 2016
b. Horns on Clinton's head
c. Her photo manipulated to make it resemble George W. Bush
d. Her private email address reversed in the background of the photo

5. What did U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder say was the "heinous and cowardly" act of "a damn punk"?
a. The shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri
b. Representative Paul Ryan's attempt to halve the Justice Department's budget
c. The hacking of the White House's computers by an ISIS sympathizer in Houston
d. The defection to North Korea of a U.S. diplomat stationed in South Korea

6. Why did the University of Oklahoma expel two students?
a. The students occupied the campus newspaper office, demanding the trustees be put on trial for treason
b. New computer predictions said the students would fall behind in their student loans, forcing an automatic expulsion under new state law
c. The students caused the football team to lose a game against lead rival Notre Dame
d. They were videotaped leading a racist chant

7. What kind of statement was the Kremlin forced to issue this week about President Vladimir Putin?
a. He deeply regrets any hurt feelings he caused with his recent comments criticizing a Chinese pop band
b. He misspoke when he called the U.S. Senators' Iran letter "manna from heaven"
c. He's too busy to appear in public, and his handshake is still strong enough to "break hands"
d. He never communicated by email with Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state

8. What is ISIS doing in the Iraqi town of Tikrit?
a. Being eradicated by the Iraqi military
b. Forcing Shia Muslims to pay extra taxes
c. Systematically burning down all of the Christian churches
d. Replacing school attendance with mandatory military service for all boys

9. What were two Secret Service agents suspected of doing?
a. Taking money from Islamist terror groups to provide details of White House security procedures
b. Drunk driving into a White House security barrier and disrupting an investigation into a suspicious package
c. Getting high and sleeping in the president's bedroom while the Obama's were out of town
d. Phoning in threats to congressional leaders

10. Why did Univision fire host Rodner Figueroa?
a. He said that First Lady Michelle Obama looks like she was on the cast of Planet of the Apes
b. TMZ released surveillance video of him using drugs at a club
c. He was implicated in campaign irregularities in some of the released Clinton emails
d. As on-air commentator for a U.S.-Brazil soccer game, he was caught saying that he hates everything about the game

BONUS. Best-selling fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett died on Thursday. Which of the following is not true?
a. He sold more than 85 million books in 37 languages
b. He used to be a press officer for nuclear power plants in the UK
c. He played guitar in the band Rock Bottom Remainders, whose members were authors
d. He was the UK's best-selling author until he was surpassed by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling

1) a.
2) b.
3) c.
4) b.
5) a.
6) d.
7) c.
8) a.
9) b.
10) a.

Want the live news quiz experience? Join us Wednesday, April 1 in downtown San Francisco for our next live Week to Week political roundtable with a news quiz and a social hour at The Commonwealth Club of California. Panelists include Debra J. Saunders and Carla Marinucci.

Explanations of the hints: Not the Gomer Pyle kind: not a U.S. Marines sanctuary, but a sea sanctuary; they'll sign anything: several of the Republican senators said they had signed the letter quickly before fleeing Washington, D.C., because of an impending snow storm; social media is not always your friend: at least it isn't if you're singing racist songs on a bus and someone video records it and shares the video online; that's Stephen King: King played in the Rock Bottom Remainders.

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