Week to Week News Quiz for 4/24/15

With whom is the president battling -- rhetorically in one case and literally in another? Take our latest Week to Week news quiz and find out.

Here are some random but real hints: They've been trading sharp words; it is dangerous if she's doing it correctly; she has the free time because she's not in Congress; and flowers would've been cheaper. Answers are below the quiz.

1. What issue has caused President Barack Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren to trade accusations of dishonesty?
a. Claims that President Obama was planning to slash defense spending by 20%
b. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with Asia
c. Their differing recollections of a post-election private conversation in which Obama allegedly told Warren to "stay the [heck] out of economics legislation"
d. Warren's claim that she is the one who convinced Obama to support same-sex marriage

2. For what did President Obama take responsibility on Thursday?
a. The accidental killing of an American and an Italian hostage of al Qaeda, who died in a U.S. drone attack
b. The delays by the U.S. Senate to approve his attorney general nominee, Loretta Lynch
c. Ignoring the Russian military buildup in Ukraine
d. The influx of uncontrolled cash into the election system

3. A Canadian school board supported a bus driver who stopped a girl from doing what?
a. She was practicing black magic in the back of the bus on the ride to school
b. The five-year-old girl would not stop singing The Wheels on the Bus so she now has to walk to school
c. The politically conservative eight grader argued politics with the liberal driver until he got a court restraining order barring her from talking on the bus ride
d. The driver banned the eight-year-old from reading a book because it might be dangerous to herself and other students

4. What did GOP Senator John McCain say was his party's response to the Democrats reforming the filibuster rule?
a. They are going to change the rules back now that they control the U.S. Senate
b. Christian forgiveness
c. Blocking a nuclear agreement with Iran
d. Blocking confirmation votes for presidential appointees

5. What stopped a radical Islamist from attacking churchgoers in Paris on Sunday?
a. French paramilitary forces captured him after a 13-hour high-speed car chase through the city and surrounding suburbs
b. He accidentally shot himself and called for an ambulance
c. The CIA provided intelligence linking him to Middle Eastern terrorist groups
d. A German contacted police after recognizing the radical in a Tumblr photo collection of prize-winning Dalmatian owners

6. How is the United States responding to Iranian support for Yemeni Shiite rebels?
a. In light of the nuclear negotiations, the U.S. has remained silent
b. It is sending an aircraft carrier
c. Nothing; the U.S. is letting its Arab allies in the area handle it
d. It has sent drones to Tehran

7. Who is reportedly set to become the second woman to announce her candidacy for the presidency?
a. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill
b. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren
c. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
d. Former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina

8. Why does former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann think the rapture is near?
a. Her iCal has it scheduled for this Wednesday
b. President Obama is bringing about the end times by doing everything he can to "lift up the agenda of radical Islam" -- and gay marriage and abortion
c. Blondie is making a comeback tour
d. By her reading of eschatological forecasts, the rapture will occur within one year after she left Congress

9. Former CIA Director David Petraeus pled guilty to what on Thursday?
a. Ordering illegal drone strikes on Afghan civilians
b. Embezzling funds earmarked for recruiting Russian spies
c. Sharing secret government documents with his mistress
d. Supporting a secret army to overthrow the government of Venezuela

10. What did Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal say he would do better than other Republican governors?
a. Fight terrorism in his state
b. Protect against the toll climate change is taking in his state, particularly New Orleans
c. Resist opposition to legislation he is pushing granting legal protection for anti-gay marriage discrimination
d. Get the pope's blessing

BONUS. What distinction can Wisconsin's Menominee County boast, according to a new study?
a. The highest percentage of binge drinkers in the nation
b. It just completed 100 years in which 100 percent of eligible voters had participated in every election
c. It is the most Republican county (by percentage of population) in the nation
d. It is home to the world's largest cheesehead hat, at 120 pounds and made of real medium-sharp cheddar cheese

1) b.
2) a.
3) d.
4) d.
5) b.
6) b.
7) d.
8) b.
9) c.
10) c.

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Explanations of the hints: They've been trading sharp words: Obama was irked by Warren's claims that the president was negotiating a secret trade agreement, and he told reporters the agreement has been available for Congress to examine for some time; it is dangerous if she's doing it correctly: the girls was told reading a book on the bus could be dangerous; she has the free time because she's not in Congress: Carly Fiorina has never held elective office; and flowers would've been cheaper: there are easier ways to impress your mistress than give her secret documents.