Week to Week News Quiz for 6/19/15

Take a break from reading the Pope's encyclical to take our latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: it means that Andrew Jackson's safe; what will the neighbors think; it was a more polite response than Scott Walker got; and he's really rich. Answers are below the quiz.

1. What did the U.S. Treasury Department announce it would do in 2020?
a. Stop issuing $1 bills and 1-cent coins
b. Reduce income tax on bond traders
c. Join the euro
d. Put the image of a woman on the $10 bill

2. What did Pope Francis say about the climate in a new encyclical released this week?
a. "I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns; whatever it is, we have to manage with a skill to leave the resources needed for future generations."
b. "The Earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth"
c. "Climate change is the 800-pound gorilla in the living room that the media dances around. But in the scientific community, it's a settled question: 95 percent of scientists believe this is happening with 100 percent confidence temperatures are rising."
d. "Next time a politician or the EPA starts mandating limits on this or caps on that, all in the name of appeasing The Weather Gods, ask yourself what they think they're accomplishing. (Correct answer: rewarding donors from the regulatory and green industries.)"

3. Who posted to his Facebook page a photo of himself wearing a jacket with flags from two white-controlled African countries?
a. President Obama
b. Rush Limbaugh
c. Dylan Storm Roof, the man accused of the nine shooting deaths at a historic black church in South Carolina
d. Donald Trump, who told reporters at a press conference held at Trump Towers that it was his way of "redressing the historic wrongs of racial conflict and stuff"

4. Why was Mississippi blogger Clayton Kelly sentenced to five years in prison?
a. He had video recorded Senator Thad Cochran's wife, who was bedridden in a nursing home, during a heated Republican primary race
b. He was posting information telling people how to give money to Islamic State
c. He was operating a multi-state voter fraud conspiracy
d. He broke into then-Senator Mary Landrieu's office in an attempt to sabotage her 2014 reelection campaign

5. Whose campaign name just uses their first name and an exclamation point?
a. Hillary!
b. Scott!
c. Bernie!
d. Jeb!

6. What happened after Donald Trump used singer Neil Young's song "Rockin' in the Free World" at his presidential campaign announcement?
a. Neil Young appeared on-stage with Trump to sing the song again as a duet
b. Jeb Bush's campaign started using Neil Young's song "A Man Needs a Maid"
c. Neil Young complained that Trump didn't have permission to use the song and he supported Bernie Sanders, anyway
d. David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash all endorsed Carly Fiorina for president

7. Rachel Dolezal resigned as head of an NAACP chapter after it was revealed that she is a white woman presenting herself as black. What else has Dolezal done?
a. When she was 16, she successfully sued to be legally emancipated from her parents, who she claimed treated her like a child
b. In 1995, she was president of her high school's Hispanic Students Club
c. She was the founding president of People Free of Faith while she was a seminary student at Franciscan School of Theology
d. She sued the historically black Howard University in 2002, claiming it discriminated against her because she's a white woman

8. Who said it's time to "blow up the tax code" and replace it with a 14.5% flat tax?
a. Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
b. House Speaker John Boehner
c. Senator Rand Paul
d. Donald Trump

9. Where did six people die and seven get seriously injured in the collapse of a fifth-floor balcony?
a. Dublin, Ireland
b. Berkeley, California
c. San Francisco
d. Houston

10. In a speech launching his presidential bid, who insulted Mexicans, conservative pundits Charles Krauthammer and George Will, and the New York Daily News?
a. Jeb!
b. Donald Trump!
c. Bernie Sanders!
d. Scott Walker!

BONUS. What did the city council of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, unanimously approve?
a. A law that declares kangaroos are not service animals
b. A $12,500 plan to make the 16,000-population city "the world's digital hub"
c. Secession from the United States of America
d. A lifetime supply of cheese and ice cream to any family that is willing to move to the town and invest at least $50,000 in real estate

1) d.
2) b (others are, respectively, from James Watt, Michio Kaku, and P.J. O'Rourke).
3) c.
4) a.
5) d.
6) c.
7) d.
8) c.
9) b.
10) b.
BONUS) a (to be specific, a dog or a miniature horse can be a service animal in Beaver Dam, but no kangaroos).

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Explanations of the hints: it means that Andrew Jackson's safe: some people had been campaigning to replace Jackson on the $20 bill; what will the neighbors think: clean up this planet, it's filthy -- what would the neighbors think?; it was a more polite response than Scott Walker got: in January, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also heard from musicians who didn't want him using their music, and in their case, they told him to stop using their song because "We literally hate you"; and he's really rich: in addition to insulting various people and nations, Trump let his audience know that he was still loaded.