Week to Week News Quiz for 10/2/15

How much were you paying attention to the news this week? Find out by taking our latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: He really will spend more time with his family; politics? in Washington?; pretending there aren't politics in Washington; and W lent him his own pair. Answers are below the quiz.

1. What Obama administration cabinet member this week announced plans to resign?
a. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro
b. Education Secretary Arne Duncan
c. Energy Secretary Bob Dudley
d. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell

2. What did Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas tell the United Nations this week?
a. He was unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state
b. The Pope told him in a private meeting to quit
c. The Palestinian Authority is the last bulwark against ISIS striking Israel
d. The Palestinian Authority was no longer abiding by the Oslo accords

3. What statement to Fox News by leading House Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy had Democrats saying "I KNEW it"?
a. He had a private meeting with Pope Francis, who urged him to become speaker of the House
b. "The Citizens United decision is our ticket to winning more statehouse control."
c. He boasted that the House GOP-led Benghazi panels have hurt Hillary Clinton's poll numbers
d. He said the tea party wing of the GOP "isn't interested in governing, and that means none of us can do it."

4. How did 13 people in Oregon die on Thursday?
a. They were killed by a shooter at a college
b. They were killed by a shooter at a synagogue
c. They were killed by a shooter at a movie theater
d. They were killed by a shooter at a restaurant

5. What did the National Republican Congressional Committee do this week?
a. It removed a page from its website that used Benghazi to raise money
b. It issued photos with Photoshopped GOP congressional leaders standing next to Pope Francis
c. It asked the U.S. Justice Department to require Wisconsin and New York states to certify their plans to ensure "0% voter fraud in the 2016 election"
d. It endorsed Bernie Sanders for president

6. Who told Donald Trump to "put on his 'big-boy pants'"?
a. Melania Trump
b. Jeb Bush
c. Hillary Clinton
d. John Boehner

7. Why did the Milwaukee-area town of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, cancel school for Friday?
a. Someone threatened a school shooting for that day
b. Governor Scott Walker chose the school to host the kickoff for his reelection campaign
c. Due to a recent parents' lawsuit, the school district is now required to celebrate every religious holiday, and tomorrow is Jedi Force Day
d. The state government slashed its budget for the district by 88%, so Fridays have been eliminated

8. What issue has brought together a bipartisan group of senators?
a. They are supporting an overhaul to the nation's criminal justice system
b. They are demanding that President Obama turn over all administration records regarding interactions with Planned Parenthood
c. They are supporting honorary U.S. citizenship for Pope Francis
d. A group of 17 senators said they will push to pay Cuba reparations for the long U.S. embargo against that country

9. What Russian action did the White House call "indiscriminate"?
a. Widespread hacking into Western companies' computer systems
b. Manipulation of FIFA board elections
c. Russian air strikes of Syrian rebels
d. Funding of left-wing and right-wing opposition parties in the European Union

10. Donald Trump said this week that if he is elected, he will expel what group from the United States?
a. Liberals
b. Syrian refugees
c. Professional mimes
d. The New York Daily News

BONUS. Who is being accused of using "cheating software" to help their products pass European tests?
a. Samsung
b. Toyota
c. Chevrolet
d. Google

1. b.
2. d.
3. c.
4. a.
5. a.
6. b.
7. a.
8. a.
9. c.
10. b.

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Explanations of the hints: He really will spend more time with his family: Duncan's family returned to Chicago last year, and now he'll be joining them; politics? in Washington?: only Captain Renault would be shocked to learn that politics is playing a big role in the Benghazi controversy; pretending there aren't politics in Washington: of course, in Casablanca, Captain Renault didn't have to worry about scrubbing his website of embarrassing material; and W lent him his own pair: Jeb Bush is the younger brother of former president George W. Bush, who might well have given his brother some hand-me-down big-boy pants when they were growing up.