Week to Week News Quiz for 2/12/16

Take our latest Week to Week news quiz and figure out what your Secret Service code name should be. Our suggestion? "Quizmaster."

Here are some random but real hints: One penalty at a time; they have more time on their hands; she got in a dig at Scott Walker; and that's what they called Sir William Stephenson. Answers are below the quiz.

1. What is the latest company to pay a multi-billion-dollar settlement over claims of wrongdoing related to mortgage financing?
a. China National Bank
b. Morgan Stanley
c. Fairchild Whitney Cooperton LLC
d. GE Capital Finance

2. Whom did the city of Cleveland sue for $500?
a. Ted Cruz's campaign after an election rally got out of hand, resulting in three park trees being torched
b. The city of Cincinnati
c. The Obama administration, to recover costs from problems in administering Obamacare to city workers
d. The family of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy who was killed by a police officer while he was playing with a pellet gun

3. Where is NATO deploying ships?
a. To the Aegean sea to catch people-smugglers
b. To the Caribbean to catch drug-smugglers
c. Into the Arctic to protect Norwegian and UK oil fields
d. Into the mid-Atlantic to protect shipping lanes from pirates

4. What did Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina have in common this past week?
a. They tied for second place in the New Hampshire primary
b. They were both endorsed by billionaire conservative Sheldon Adelson
c. They were both endorsed by billionaire liberal George Soros
d. They both dropped out of the presidential race

5. Who was vindicated this week by a new discovery?
a. Meryl Streep had predicted that film festivals that have all-white juries would also select all-white filmmakers as prize winners
b. Predictions of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity were supported when scientists recorded the sound of two black holes colliding a billion light-years from Earth
c. Conservative polemicist Ann Coulter had predicted that Chris Christie would be endorsed by Sheldon Adelson
d. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson had predicted that the recently discovered tenth planet in our solar system would be a frozen gaseous planet

6. According to Whole Foods' co-CEO, what type of services might his company include in its new stores?
a. Tattoo parlors
b. Free showers
c. Tantric massage stations
d. Micro-lending banks

7. Who picked up a big endorsement this week?
a. Hillary Clinton was endorsed by the Congressional Black Caucus
b. Bernie Sanders was endorsed by Shari Belafonte
c. Donald Trump was endorsed by the South Carolina Hispanic Action League
d. Carly Fiorina was endorsed by the board of Hewlett-Packard

8. Who threatened to commit suicide rather than turn himself in to the police?
a. The al Qaeda-linked terrorist who masterminded the takeover of the suburban Cairo mall last Saturday
b. David Fry, the last of the people occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon
c. Indonesian convicted terrorist Abu Tholut
d. The last of the terrorists who attacked Paris in November and fled to Germany

9. Who is Reinhold Hanning?
a. The Facebook board member who tweeted a defense of colonialism regarding India
b. The Social Democratic challenger to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in April's election
c. A 94-year-old former guard at Auschwitz who is on trial as an accessory to 170,000 murders
d. The inventor of AppAppApp, a new mobile app that suggests mobile apps to use

10. Where did Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders meet for their Thursday night debate?
a. Charleston, South Carolina
b. Charlotte, North Carolina
c. Indianapolis, Indiana
d. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BONUS. This week it was announced that the U.S. Secret Service has given Bernie Sanders a code name. What is it?
a. Saint Bernard
b. The Marxist Avenger
c. Intrepid
d. Kumbaya

1. b.
2. d (the expense was for his emergency medical treatment; the city later backed down).
3. a.
4. d.
5. b.
6. a.
7. a.
8. b (but he did eventually give himself up, after complaining about UFOs and the federal government and then having a cookie for a snack).
9. c.
10. d.

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Explanations of the hints: One penalty at a time: Morgan Stanley used to use the slogan "one client at a time"; they have more time on their hands: they have more free time now that they've dropped out of the race; she got in a dig at Scott Walker: Clinton criticized Sanders' free college idea by noting that greater funding would have to come from governors such as Wisconsin's Scott Walker, who like many other governors has overseen cuts to education funding; and that's what they called Sir William Stephenson: World War II spy William Stevenson was code named "Intrepid" and even wrote a book, A Man Called Intrepid.