Week to Week News Quiz for 4/22/16

We've got a sign o' the times for you, so come find the truth amid the controversy by taking our latest Week to Week News Quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: He's sounding like Lindsey Graham now; that'll hurt the special relationship if he becomes prime minister; royalty is royalty; and we'll drink to that. Answers are below the quiz.

1. This week, who said the "Republican Party doesn't like ideas"?
a. Bernie Sanders
b. Hillary Clinton
c. John Kasich
d. Dick Cheney

2. Who referred this week to the "part-Kenyan" President Obama?
a. GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump
b. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders
c. London Mayor Boris Johnson
d. First Lady Michelle Obama

3. What has the UK done in response to recent U.S. political developments?
a. Warned its LGBT citizens about discriminatory laws and attitudes in parts of the United States
b. Asked the Ted Cruz campaign to stop playing the British national anthem during some of his campaign appearances
c. Sold $4 billion worth of gold it had kept in U.S. banks
d. Made English England's official language, and copyrighted it to prevent anyone else from doing the same

4. Superstar singer Prince died unexpectedly this week. What was his real birth name?
a. Valentine Michael Smith
b. Rafael Edward Cruz
c. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
d. Prince

5. What has Virginia's governor done for 200,000 people in his state?
a. Made public universities free for the state's 200,000 college students
b. Reduced taxes for 200,000 small business owners
c. Granted a pardon to 200,000 people on death row
d. Restored voting rights to 200,000 felons

6. Eight family members were killed "execution-style" where on Friday?
a. Manhattan
b. Chicago's Loop
c. East Los Angeles
d. Rural Ohio

7. Germany is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot. What is that?
a. It's the yin to Fahrvergnügen's yang
b. The beer purity law
c. The establishment of the Holy Roman Empire
d. The founding of the first German republic, based along the Rhine

8. This week, who announced plans to close 78 stores?
a. Walmart
b. Sears/Kmart
c. Best Buy
d. Marshall Fields

9. What did President Obama speak out against during a trip to the UK this weekend?
a. Brexit, the UK's exit from the European Union
b. The mistreatment of migrants
c. The excesses of capitalism
d. The new season of The Game of Thrones

10. What car company became the latest to admit it had been misleading about its autos' fuel efficiency?
a. Mitsubishi
b. BMW
c. Kia
d. General Motors

BONUS. How did the Niagara Falls, San Francisco City Hall, The New Yorker, and even NASA pay tribute to Prince?
a. They hosted a 24-hour concert featuring Prince tribute bands
b. They made available for free download five hard-to-find Prince albums
c. They raffled off a little red corvette
d. They featured the color purple

1. c.
2. c.
3. a.
4. d.
5. d.
6. d.
7. b.
8. b.
9. a.
10. a.

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Explanations of the hints: He's sounding like Lindsey Graham now: Kasich's comment was the harshest heard from a leading Republican since Senator Lindsey Graham told people his party had gone crazy; that'll hurt the special relationship if he becomes prime minister: Boris Johnson has hopes of succeeding Prime Minister David Cameron, and the "special relationship" between the UK and the United States might be a tricky relationship for a Prime Minister Johnson to navigate; royalty is royalty: Prince was Prince; and we'll drink to that: it's Germany's famous beer purity law.