Weekend DIY Ideas: 7 Easy Ways To Fix Up Your Home In 2 Days (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Get to it!

Another weekend means another few days off work to try and get some stuff done. The first thing we're planning to do is to sit and enjoy the tamer weather patterns. But once we're done thanking Mother Nature for finally taking it easy on us, we're going to get down to business around the house. The Nor'easter made us wonder: are we really doing everything we can to prepare our homes for winter? The weekend DIY ideas below will give you some tips on winterizing your home, plus instructions for accomplishing smaller things that need attention.

One problem you might be faced with is a leaky pipe under your sink. To find the source of the leak, you will need to detach the pipes from where they connect to the wall. It is likely that the problem is caused by a rotted galvanized nipple. Disassemble the drain work and using a wrench, unscrew and remove that piece. You can then replace it with a new one and put the pipes back together. To learn more, check out the video above.

And take a look at the slideshow below to learn about six other great DIY projects to try.

Rotate Your Ceiling Fans

Weekend DIYs

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