6 Weekend Health Mistakes To Avoid

Young Woman Laying In Bed With Tablet
Young Woman Laying In Bed With Tablet

Many of us spend the entire workweek looking forward to the weekend, but when Saturday and Sunday actually roll around, we're not necessarily making the most of those precious 48 hours off.

The way we spend our weekends -- the two days of the week theoretically devoted to rest -- is often counterproductive. While the week's end should be about doing things you love and refueling for the week ahead, all too often our workplace anxieties trickle over from Friday to Saturday, adding stress to what should be a relaxing time. And even if you're not taking work home with you, you may be unwittingly sabotaging your weekend with bad habits that can negatively affect your sleep patterns, weight loss efforts, and stress levels.

Click through the slideshow below for six common mistakes that can sabotage your time off -- and how to avoid them, making this Monday morning your best ever.

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6 Weekend Mistakes To Avoid

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