NBC Reportedly In Talks To Air 'Weekend Update' Spinoff Series

We'd watch it.
"Weekend Update" on primetime? We're into it. 
"Weekend Update" on primetime? We're into it. 

”Weekend Update” could be headed to primetime. 

NBC is reportedly in talks to air a weekly edition of the “Saturday Night Live” segment ― a staple on the sketch show since it first aired in 1975 ― according to Politico. A representative for NBC said they had no comment at this time.

If the news is true, it comes at a good time for “SNL,” which has seen a 22 percent increase in viewership this season, according to Variety. 

“SNL” has no doubt made the most of the seemingly endless supply of material provided by Donald Trump since he was elected president. In that sense, launching a spinoff of “Weekend Update” makes sense. A longer time slot means more room for political commentary and, perhaps, more cameos by Alec Baldwin, who’s been impersonating Trump all season. (We’d also happily watch Larry David, Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy play Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Sean Spicer, respectively, again.)

Politico reports the series might air on Thursday nights sometime later this year, though details have not been confirmed. No word yet on possible hosts, either.

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