Wegmans Food Market Inspires High School Musical, Cult Following

You know you've made it when your shoppers start composing ballads about you.

This month, Wegmans, the family-owned supermarket based in Rochester, New York joined stores like Walmart, Woolsworth and Apple in having its very own fan-written piece of music. "Wegmans ... The Musical," a new play by a group of high school drama students from Northborough, Mass., tells the story of a couple that finds love in the grocery store, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports.

The play was inspired by true events: a few days after a Wegmans store opened in Northborough in October, a local man proposed to his girlfriend in the café aisle, a stunt aided by the store's manager who hid 30 of the couple's friends in a back-room, according to the Telegram. Wegmans, whose 79 stores are still run by the same family that founded the company in 1916, has a cult following and is is widely admired for its high paying jobs and huge selection of quality food.

Wegmans, which has appeared for 15 consecutive years on the Fortune's "Best Companies to Work For" list, frequently awards workers with scholarships and educational trips to farms to learn about food. It also hasnever had mass lay offs, unlike most companies of its size and age. This year, it was ranked as the U.S.'s top supermarket by Consumer Reports.

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