Weighing in at the Doctor's Office

When I arrived, prior to seeing my doctor, the nurse asked me to step on the scale. "What, you want me to get on the scale?" I said to the nurse.
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As I get ready for my annual gynecological visit this week, I am reminded of a post I wrote a few years ago when I was counting down to my 50th birthday. At the time, I wasn't prepared for my weigh in, as I had worn way too many clothes. After reading this post again, I'll be sure to dress appropriately for what will likely be a repeat performance in front of the doctor's scale. Let me know if you can relate. Hope you all are scheduling your regular pap tests and mammograms as needed during your life after 50. Here's the post:

When I arrived, prior to seeing my doctor, the nurse asked me to step on the scale. "What, you want me to get on the scale?" I said to the nurse. "No one told me I was going to have to do that this evening, especially when I have all my clothes on and boots too."

Usually when I know I am going to have to weigh in, I wear appropriate "weigh in" clothing -- no jacket (or a jacket that can easily be removed, thin wool pants (in the winter) or light-weight linen (in the summer), and absolutely no boots. Of course, this time, since I didn't know I would be weighing in, I was wearing exactly the opposite of what I should be wearing. Not a good weigh in. I could not take off my boots, but I was able to slip off my jacket. I couldn't take off my belt either. And it was evening, so add on the pounds from the day (luckily I had not had dinner yet). There also was the jewelry -- a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. No wonder I weighed five pounds more than my bathroom scale displayed earlier that morning!

About a year ago, I bought myself a new bathroom scale. While I know Weight Watchers would not approve, I do weigh myself every morning. I'm sure I'm typical of women my age and other ages maybe too. I love my scale. It is digital with big numbers so I can see the exact weight without wearing my glasses. I always weigh myself before I get in the shower. No extra clothing pounds for me, it's au-natural. And if I don't like what I weigh the first time, I'll get off and step on the scale again, just to make sure the numbers are correct. Sometimes if the number is different the second time around, I'll make a third step up. The third time always tells the truth. This scale was a good investment. Some mornings it is almost like a stepper machine. It gets more use than my reclining bicycle that I spent so much money on.

I probably should not be so obsessed with weighing myself every day, but over time it has become a habit. Usually, Mondays are not good days. I tend to eat more on the weekend. Then I spend the rest of the week trying to lose the pounds I gained so I can gain them back all over again. Sometimes if I have a low weigh in on Monday, I'll let myself have peanut butter on waffles for breakfast. If not it's another Kashi Heart to Heart cereal day to start off the week, but I do cheat with a little Captain Crunch cereal to top it off. It is Monday after all.

I'd likely be a terrible dieter ... better keep exercising!

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