Weighing in on Rob Kardashian

Since the air of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007, Robert Kardashian, Jr. has graduated from University of Southern California with a bachelor's degree in business, and, hoping to follow in his father's footsteps of entrepreneurship, released his sock line Arthur George to mild success. But as he revealed in his therapy breakdown in response to family criticism, Rob has not seen the support or success he had planned on in comparison to his Kardashian and Jenner sisters.

This has only led me to conclude the following: Rob Kardashian has simply not had the right bug in his ear all these years. That is to say, his mother's focus on his sisters and his lack of a business advisor of any kind has not helped his case. However, Rob has a lot of untapped potential when it comes to his business endeavors that he would discover in conference with the right person.

Though Arthur George is carried in DASH boutiques in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York as well as Neiman Marcus, there is only so much profit one can expect to gain from selling designer socks so exclusively. Taking examples of Joe Boxer and Fruit of the Loom, Rob's business has a lot of room for growth. Rather than limiting the scope, Rob should expand it to include women's and men's underwear. Specifically, boxers, briefs, tanks and camisoles, and T-shirts, if modeling after the latter two brands. Even cool pajama pants and robes aren't off limits, as Rob could endeavor to produce an entire undergarment and loungewear brand out of Arthur George alone.

In the midst of his weight loss journey, Rob has the opportunity to capitalize on his current publicity. He could easily become a spokesman for Weight Watchers, as Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson did after losing many a pound. In addition to this, Rob could celebrate accomplishing his ultimate weight loss goal by creating a fitness apparel collection for men. Though this wouldn't necessarily work as an independent fashion brand, nor would it fall in line with the aforementioned Arthur George suggestions, it could be successful as a line partnered with a sports retailer such as Finish Line or Dick's Sporting Goods. Taking a page out of his sisters' book with fashion sold exclusively at bebe, Sears, PacSun, and Kids 'R Us, this could definitely boost Rob's individual success and allow him to continue designing apparel with a more urban look.

Rob could also take the fitness idea to the next level by working on body wash and deodorant products, like Axe or Old Spice. There could be as few as three different fragrances hand-chosen by Rob, which opens the door of opportunity even wider for him. Because if he's in the line of business involving fragrances, he can't very well exclude men's cologne as a venture. These products would be more central to the entire Kardashian family's expertise. By placing deodorant and body wash on the shelves of Finish Line and his cologne on the shelves of Macy's and DASH, Rob would be able to maximize his current success tenfold.

But while he'd be busy signing heavy paperwork to ensure his profit, he'd naturally have to put pen to paper for a memoir detailing his journey to overcoming depression and losing weight in order to find success and happiness. Boom. That would be the cherry on top of his empire finally matching those of his sisters with fashion, fragrances, endorsements, and literature. When truly assessing his potential for success, Rob Kardashian has a lot to gain.