How This Woman Lost 128 Pounds -- And Saved Her Life

A daughter’s wedding should be a proud moment in any parent’s life. But for mom Sheri, she says seeing photos of herself at her daughter’s wedding also served as a wake-up call.

“It was her most important day, and I wanted to be looking my best and I wasn’t,” Sheri says, reflecting on that day and being unhappy with the way she looked.

After trying other diets and weight loss methods, Sheri says she picked a copy of Dr. Phil’s The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision into Reality, and began her physical transformation.

“The 20/20 Diet literally saved my life. As of today, I have lost 128 pounds and I am holding steady,” Sheri says. “I literally tried everything. I lost hope. But after I read [the] book, I just saw the light and made a decision to change, not just my eating habits, but my whole, entire life.”

Besides losing the weight, Sheri says her overall health has also improved, and she now no longer needs to take her diabetes or blood pressure medication.

Sheri’s family has been cheering her on through her weight loss journey, and daughter Shelby says her mom is an inspiration to everyone.

“Words cannot even describe how proud I am of you. You’re an extraordinary human being, Mom,” Shelby says to Sheri.

A typical user of the Dr. Phil 20/20 Diet Plan can expect to lose about one to two pounds per week.

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