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8 Steps to Manifesting Your Weight-Loss Dreams

If permanent weight loss is apart of your dream picture, and you haven't taken the time or put the effort into manifesting it; read on, get inspired and motivated.
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By Janice Taylor

Harvard's resident happiness professor, Tal Ben-Shahar tells us, "Happiness lies at the intersection between pleasure and meaning. Whether at work or at home, the goal is to engage in activities that are both personally significant and enjoyable."

What activities are you engaged in that are both significant and enjoyable; that lie at the intersection between pleasure and meaning? Are you pursuing your dreams, your desires?

One day can so easily melt into the next and the next, and before you know it, your dreams have slipped away. If permanent weight loss is apart of your dream picture, and you haven't taken the time or put the effort into manifesting it; read on, get inspired and motivated. Letting go of excess weight is often both personally significant and enjoyable!

8 Steps to Manifesting Your Weight Loss Dreams

1. Knock Fear Out of the Way. It seems that as soon as we say 'yes' to going after our dreams, fear rushes in. Some people say, "Be fearless." The truth is that no one is fearless. We need to step over fear; jump over it, knock fear out of the way. Do not let fear get in your way, weigh you down, or stop you!

Are you ready, willing and able to knock fear out of your way?

2. Be Brave. We know that stretching our envelope is a good thing to do, but we don't necessarily enjoy being out of our comfort zone. Push your zone, your envelope. Ride out the discomfort.

Just how far are you willing to push your envelope?

3. Whisper Your Dream. If you don't tune into and listen to both your heart and body, your dream cannot grow. Stop for a moment right now, close your eyes and just allow your dream to whisper to you. Allow your dream to begin to speak its mind. Breathe life into it. Allow it to take shape.

What did your dream whisper? Do tell!!!

4. Keep the End Goal in Mind. Ask yourself, what will losing weight give me that I wouldn't otherwise have? Will it bring me more love, joy, harmony, peace, wisdom or prosperity? Will I feel better about myself? Will my self esteem rise to meet the clouds? At the end of the day, permanently removing over 50 pounds of excess weight gave me peace of mind and filled my heart with self love.

What will losing weight give you that you wouldn't otherwise have?

5. Send a Crystal Clear Message to the Universe. The Universe (as well as your unconscious mind) does not process negatives, only energy! An example: I want to be happy vs. I do not want to be unhappy. Send out "I want" messages.

I want ______________.

6. Have Faith. If you don't believe and have faith in yourself, and expect that your dreams will come true, who will? Keep the faith, baby.

Say it loud. "I believe in myself."

7. Words and Thoughts. You are your thoughts and words. Choose them wisely.

What words best represent you?

8. Stay Open to Possibilities. Maintain your focus on what you want. Keep its flame burning bright. At the same time, stay open and alert. Sometimes dreams have a life and mind of their own. You would be wise to follow their lead.

If you were to ask your dream where it wants to lead you, where would it take you?

About the author: Janice Taylor, an internationally known expert in health, wellness and weight loss, has worked with thousands of individuals worldwide to help them uncover their authentic selves and learn to create balance and success in their personal and professional lives. Janice effectively uses a blend of her coaching and hypnosis skills to create a safe, secure and nurturing environment. She is also a featured expert in the documentary film "The Inner Weigh™." Learn more about Janice at

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