The Is Have It

I receive hundreds of emails, tweets, and Facebook posts every day from people asking for help, advice, or encouragement. Almost always these start with some sort of "I" statement: "I need," "I can't," or "I don't know." They so often focus on what they cannot do or why they cannot succeed. So I came up with a few positive "I" words to help get people started on the right track and keep them there.

Immediately -- When do you start working toward better health? Right now. Don't wait for the perfect plan, or a better time of life, or the money. Start immediately with what you have right in front of you and go from there.

Integrity -- Set your goals, create your routine, and commit to doing everything in your power to succeed. If a day happens (and they will) when you fall out of integrity with yourself, it's important to acknowledge why, forgive yourself, and get right back into your program the next day.

Intensity -- You are stronger than you think you are. Go for maximum intensity in your workouts. Push yourself beyond what you think you can do. Your body is an amazing machine. Jarvez, from season two of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, did 50 pushups on his toes while weighing more than 540 pounds. Even I doubted it was possible, and yet he did it!

Informed -- There is a lot of confusing information out there about what's okay to eat and what's not okay. Be informed. Know how to read a label and what to avoid.

Interesting -- Keep your food and your exercise interesting. Try new recipes; try new places to work out. Be creative and have fun with it. Switching up your workouts and foods helps you avoid plateaus too!

Involved -- Bring friends and family along for the journey. By getting others involved in your transformation you not only have accountability buddies, but you're setting a great example for your loved ones. Not to mention it's always more fun!

Idealistic -- Life happens. It will throw challenges and obstacles in your path. It will beat you down if you choose to let it. Don't have an idealistic viewpoint and expect every day to be perfect. Be flexible and ready for whatever may come your way!

Incredible -- Be ready for incredible results! You can succeed! Give it all you've got and celebrate your victories.

Inner Voice -- Last but not least, keep that inner voice under control and positive. Think "I can," "I will," and "I believe," and before you know it you'll be fit, healthy, and happy with the new you!

Three cheers for the good "Is." Which one are you going to focus on first? Remember, once you've got the positive mindset in place you're halfway there!

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