The Way to a Woman's Heart Begins With These Five Words

Researchers in a recent study found that about 40 percent of women love when you compliment their smiles. But want to hit a home run? Five words: "You look thinner than usual."
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Want to win a date with that hot barista who always remembers your name and gives you an extra shot of espresso? Compliment her fast fat loss.

The Dental Care Plus Implant Centres recently conducted a study that asked 2,000 men and women about the best and worst compliments to give a woman.

Researchers found about 40 percent of women love when you compliment her smile. But want to hit a home run? Five words: "You look thinner than usual."


About 43 percent of women in this study claimed to be incredibly focused on fast fat loss. And they wanted other people to notice their hard work.

Other compliments included "That color makes you look great!" and "You look gorgeous."

Of course, you don't want to screw up the conversation. Whatever you do, avoid telling your would-be date she looks "tired" or "under the weather."

And the absolute worst thing you could tell a woman? "You look well."

Here's the deal, guys: Any kind of nebulous comment reads loud and clear that she's fat. And that's a one-way conversation to dateless-dude purgatory.

"You could get into hot water for saying that someone looks like they have eaten well, or that they look quite broad around the shoulder," researchers said.

Well, duh.

On the other hand, hot moms do exist, but women don't want to hear "You look just like your mom!" That's a surefire way to stray into awkward-conversation territory.

Further turn-offs that you're way too smart to say include "You're not as stupid as you look," and "You don't look as bad as I thought you would."

One reason you're on shaky ground even when you say something nice: Only about half of the women interviewed take compliments well, and about 40 percent like to get those compliments from their partner.

The decks are stacked against you before you even speak.

The takeaway here is to choose your compliments well. And if all else fails, tell a woman she looks lean and sexy.

Nothing feels greater than having people compliment your fast fat loss. With swimsuit season imminent, you're probably thinking more these days about how to get lean and sexy.

The good news is that, despite what your favorite women's weekly might claim, burning fat doesn't require hours at the gym or a near-starvation spartan salad regimen.

Follow these five top strategies for fast fat loss and you'll be hearing "Have you lost weight?" before you know it:

  1. Swap two meals for protein shakes. A protein smoothie keeps you in fat-burning mode for hours. Combine it with unsweetened coconut milk and flaxseeds, chia seeds, or another kind of fiber for a fast, filling meal that saves you time, hassle, and money while helping you get into your new swimsuit.

  • Follow this formula for dinner. I want your plate to include lean protein, plenty of leafy green vegetables, and some good fat. Once you get the hang of it, your combinations become endless. For instance, try wild salmon or grass-fed beef with broccoli sautéed with garlic and coconut oil. Or a big salad loaded with avocado, chicken, and drizzled with olive oil. Date night or evening out with your girlfriends? Ask your server to swap the starch for another green vegetable.
  • Get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Don't blow your healthy eating habits by staying up till 2 a.m. watching Sex and the City reruns. Sleep helps boost fat-burning hormones like growth hormone. On the other hand, too little sleep raises the wrong hormones, including your stress hormone cortisol and your fat-storing hormone insulin. Shoot for at least seven hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep every night.
  • Build muscle and burn fat in just 15 minutes. You read that right: I want you to spend more time sleeping and less time exercising. But you've got to do the right kind of exercise. My 4 x 4 Workout combines the two most effective ways - burst training and weight resistance - in yep, just 15 minutes. It's fast and effective but will give you a far better fat-burning workout than an hour at the gym. You can get a free one here.
  • Try this fast fat loss aid Dr. Oz talked about. A study in the journal Planta Medica showed raspberry ketones increased the production of adiponectin in mice.[2] The more adiponectin your adipose tissue secretes, the less body fat you have. You can find supplements that provide raspberry ketones alone or, even better, combine them with other fat-burning supplements.
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