We could wake up in a happy state, ready to face the world with a smile, and then we step on the scale and our mood changes to foul in an instant.
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By Suyin Nichols

As a weight-loss coach, a big part of my job is helping my clients unwind "diet mentality" thoughts that cause them pain. The most challenging thoughts to unwind have been the ones that have to do with the scale. Oh, that number on the scale. Why do we allow it to influence our lives as much as we do?

"If only I weighed less, my life would be perfect."

"This scale isn't moving fast enough -- I may as well give up on my fitness plan since it's clearly not working"

"I will be/do/get _____ once I lose _____ pounds."

"I'm up a pound today -- I don't even want to get dressed for work."

"I'm down a half pound today -- I am a rock star!"

We could wake up in a happy state, ready to face the world with a smile, and then we step on the scale and our mood changes to foul in an instant. Or we see the scale shift in the smallest increment in the direction we want it to and we think we can conquer the world. It's as if the number on the scale tells us if we're good or bad, worthy or unworthy. It seems silly when we see this in black and white, yet many of us still buy into the lie.

And it is such an injustice to ourselves to live our lives by this lie. Think of how often we allow a number to negate all of our greatness. We may be excellent parents, wonderful spouses, influential members of our community, star employees, dynamic entrepreneurs, loving and supportive friends -- but none of this matters because we weigh "x." Ridiculous, non?

The good news is that this is a learned behavior. The even better news is that it is never the number on the scale that determines your mood or dictates your worth or value as a person -- it's your thoughts about the number that cause you to feel a certain way. The best of the best news beyond that is that you get to decide what you want to think. Yes friends, you can choose your thoughts, all day every day. This may be a new concept for some of you, but I promise that it's the truth.

Choosing new thoughts is like any other skill -- to get good at it, you must practice. If you think you need help learning this skill, read a book on thought-coaching or hire a coach to guide you. What's the alternative? To slog through the realm of "not good enough" for the rest of your days? No, thank you!

Consider releasing the learned response of seeing your life through the filter of "pounds" lost or gained. You and your life are so much more than that! You are an amazing person with so much to offer the world. And you are absolutely valuable and worthy -- and good enough -- just as you stand. Now those are thoughts worth thinking!

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